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16951 _UIDEBB9146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF4198C8

BIRTH: Also shown as Born N. Kingston, RI. 
WELLS, Benjamin (I1164)
16952 _UIDEBB9146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF4198C8

DEATH: Also shown as Died 1821 
REYNOLDS, Sarah (I1165)
16953 _UIDEBBC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF419BF5

WHITLOCK, John (I11782)
16954 _UIDEBBC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF419BF5 FOWLER, Rebecca (I11788)
16955 _UIDEDB9146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF419AE8 WELLS, Peter (I3042)
16956 _UIDEDBA146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF419BF7 BASEDEN, Ann (I10894)
16957 _UIDEDBA146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF419BF7 BISBEE OR BESEACH, Thomas (I10893)
16958 _UIDEDBC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF419D15


DEATH: Also shown as Died Bef 1849 
MULLINAUX, Marcia (I9929)
16959 _UIDEFB9146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF419C08 COOPER, Tasy Tacy (I3795)
16960 _UIDEFBA146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF419D17 WHEELER, Grace (I3139)
16961 _UIDEFBA146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF419D17 BROOKS, Henry (I3138)
16962 _UIDEFBC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF419F35 MORGAN, Gabriel (I11790)
16963 _UIDEFBC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF419F35 WHITLOCK, Mary (I11783)
16964 _UIDF1B9146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF419E28 COCKE, Naomi (I3818)
16965 _UIDF1BC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A155 WHITLOCK, Rachael (I11791)
16966 _UIDF1BC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A155 WHITLOCK, Charles (I11784)
16967 _UIDF3B9146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A048 UNKNOWN, Mrs Thomas Hubbard (I3842)
16968 _UIDF3BA146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A157 ALDEN, Mercy (I5033)
16969 _UIDF3BC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A375 JONES, Frances (I11700)
16970 _UIDF569EFE958095A42BDFE6ABB738D45BC146D

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Howard LaVerne

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Pima, Graham, Arizona. 
MCBRIDE, Howard Lavern (I152)
16971 _UIDF569EFE958095A42BDFE6ABB738D45BC146D

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Melinda

DEATH: Also shown as Died Grants Pass, Josephine, Oregon, United States.

DEATH: Also shown as Died 7 Nov 2003 
MOODY, Malinda (I128)
16972 _UIDF5B9146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A268 COCKE, Mrs. Cocke (I3855)
16973 _UIDF5BA146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A377

Maggie Sypniewski
The surname Packard is French. It means the descendant of Bacard (comba t , strong).(Source: New Dictionary of
American Family Names by Elsdon C. Smith. New York: Gramercy Publishin g C ompany, 1988). The name Packard appears in English records as early a s th e beginning of the fourteenth century. The name was well establishe d in E ast Anglia long before Samuel's birth.

Zacheus Packard was born in 1650. He was christened on April 20, 165 1 i n Bridgewater, Plymouth County,
MA. He died August 3, 1723. Zacheus married Sarah Howard in 1678. S a rah Howard was the daughter of
John Howard and Martha Hayward. Sarah was born in 1659 (?) in Duxbu r y, MA. She died August 3, 1723 in
Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA.

Zacheus and Sarah had the following children:

1. Israel Packard was born on April 27, 1680 in Bridgewater, P l ymouth Co., MA. He married Hannah
Crossman in 1703.
2. Sarah Packard was born on August 19, 1682 in Bridgewater. S h e married Capt. Josiah Edson on
July 17, 1704.
3. Jonathan Packard was born on December 4, 1684. He married ( 1 ) Suzanna Hayward on December
24, 1719.
4. David Packard was born on February 11, 1687. He married Han n ah Ames on December 17, 1712.
5. Solomon Packard was born on March 20, 1689. He married (1 ) S arah Lothrop (2) Suzanna Kingman
(3) Dorothy Whipple.
6. Deacon James Packard was born June 2, 1691. He married Jemi n a Keith on June 7, 1722.
7. Zacheus Packard, Jr. was born on September 4, 1693 and di e d in 1775. He married Mercy Alden on
October 21, 1725.
8. John Packard was born on October 8, 1695. He married Lydi a T hompson in 1726.
9. Captain Abiel Packard was christened on April 29, 1699 an d d ied in 1776. He married Sarah Ames
on January 11, 1722. 
PACKARD, Zaccheus (I5031)
16974 _UIDF5BA146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A377 HOWARD, Sarah (I5032)
16975 _UIDF5BC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A595 UNKNOWN, Unknown (I11769)
16976 _UIDF5BC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A595 WHITLOCK, Matthew (I11723)
16977 _UIDF7B9146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A488 NOBLE, Lottie Ethel (I56)
16978 _UIDF7BA146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A597 ALLEN, Mehitable (I5040)
16979 _UIDF7BA146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A597 ALDEN, Isaac (I5039)
16980 _UIDF7BB146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A6A6

TUCKER, Melvin Lee (I9411)
16981 _UIDF7BB146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A6A6 LANE, Veatrice Ruby (I10708)
16982 _UIDF7BC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A7B5 WHITLOCK, David (I11728)
16983 _UIDF9BA146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A7B7

DEATH: Also shown as Died Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. 
SIMMONS, Mary (I5070)
16984 _UIDF9BA146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A7B7 ALDEN, Joseph (I5014)
16985 _UIDF9BC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A9D5 WINGFIELD, Ralph (I11771)
16986 _UIDFBB9146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A8C8 ROGERS, Sarah (I10898)
16987 _UIDFBB9146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A8C8 WELLS, Thomas (I10897)
16988 _UIDFBBA146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41A9D7 STREAM, Elizabeth (I11513)
16989 _UIDFBBC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41ABF5 JONES, William (I11748)
16990 _UIDFBBC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41ABF5 WHITLOCK, Mary (I11703)
16991 _UIDFD4718003528CD45BCF693DE9C168C497561 RICHEY, Elenor Jane (I2304)
16992 _UIDFD4718003528CD45BCF693DE9C168C497561 PATTERSON, John Thomas (I2303)
16993 _UIDFD6C3C85475904419ABC83AE61B47EEB14B8 UNKNOWN, Mary (I11208)
16994 _UIDFD6C3C85475904419ABC83AE61B47EEB14B8 BASNETT, Ralph (I11207)
16995 _UIDFDBC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41AD15 AUSTINE, Mr (I11747)
16996 _UIDFDBC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41AD15 WHITLOCK, Anne (I11702)
16997 _UIDFFB9146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41AC08 SPENCER, Joanna (I1891)
16998 _UIDFFBC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41AF35 SHELTON, Roseanna (I11708)
16999 _UIDFFBC146246CCD511B70D0020E0C2BF41AF35 WHITLOCK, William (I11692)

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