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Place of death or county where death occurred is given in code as liste d in the following chart. Larger cities have the following separate codes : 60 Alameda, 70 Los Angeles, 80 San Diego, 90 San Francisco. Search_Historical_Records)
California Death Index, 1905-1939
Name Rebecca Morehouse
Event Type Death
Event Date 1906
Event Place (San Francisco), California, United States
Gender Female
Age 57
Birth Year (Estimated) 1849
Certificate Number 29400
Copied from Image
Death Date: 12/13/06
County Place of Death: 90 
Source (S4824)
Richard Coles (d. 1528)
Anne Coles = Richard Pargiter
Robert Pargiter (d. ~1558) = Anne Knight
Anne Pargiter (d. ~1564) = Lawrence Washington (d. ~1584)
Robert Washington (~1544-~1620) = Elizabeth Light (d. ~1599)
Lawrence Washington (~1568-1616) = Margaret Butler (<1568-~1652)
Rev. Lawrence Washington (~1602-1653) = Amphyllis Twigden (1602-1655)
John Washington (~1634-~1677) = Anne Pope (d. ~1668)
Lawrence Washington (1659-1698) = Mildred Warner (~1671-1701)
Augustine Washington (~1694-1743) = Mary Ball (~1707-1789)
George Washington (1732-1799) 
COLES, Richard (I7217)
Samuel is the son of Thomas J's sister Margaret Bailey McDonald
1850 US CENSUS West Fallowfield, Chester, Pennsylvania
Thomas J Baily M abt 1815 35 Pennsylvania
Mary Baily F abt 1816 36 Pennsylvania
John W Baily M abt 1845 5 Pennsylvania
James H Baily M abt 1849 1 Pennsylvania
Samuel A Mcdonald M abt 1845 5 Pennsylvania 
Source (S1552)
Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, 1497. 
GIFFARD, John (I18771)
Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, 1497. 
GIFFARD, John (I18769)
Sheriff of Oxfordshire, 1471.

Sheriff of Oxfordshire 1471. 
LANGSTON, John (I18688)
Should be Jane McCreary not Jacob's mother. Mary Brunthaver was Jacob's m other.
Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1953
Name: Rosa Clink
Death Event Date: 30 Dec 1950
Gender: Female
Death Age: 83y3m12d
Race: White
Birth Date: 18 Sep 1867
Birthplace: Ohio
Estimated Birth Year: 1867
Father: Jacob Clink
Mother: Mary Bonthaver 
Source (S959)
Solicitor for the King 1461-70; knight of the shire for Buckinghamshire 1467-68; Chancellor of the Exchequer 1469-71; Under-treasurer of England 1471-77. Knighted by Edward IV and made Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 1471-77. 
FOWLER, Richard (I18721)
SURNAME: Also shown as

SURNAME: Also shown as Grant 
POWER, Margaret (I11941)
SURNAME: Also shown as Alvyn 
ALWYN, Giles (I4623)
SURNAME: Also shown as Claussen 
CLOSSON, Timothy (I2864)
SURNAME: Also shown as Cutting

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Annie E

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1872 
O'TOOLE, Annie Elizabeth (I7864)
SURNAME: Also shown as Gillett 
GILLETTE, Mary (I4233)
SURNAME: Also shown as GOODMAN 
GOODWIN, William (I4584)
SURNAME: Also shown as Harmon 
HAMMOND, Elizabeth (I4055)
SURNAME: Also shown as Hull 
HUNT, Mary (I10536)
SURNAME: Also shown as Johnston 
JOHNSON, Robert (I1295)
SURNAME: Also shown as Laurence 
HYDE, Lawrence (I13005)
SURNAME: Also shown as Pace-Page 
PACE, Margaret Lenora (I269)
SURNAME: Also shown as Reark 
REWARK, Rebecca (I1290)
SURNAME: Also shown as Titcomb

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Tirza 
TITCOMBE, Tirzah (I8109)
The 1925 Iowa State Census is unusual because it included who the
parents were, not only for each person but also who the parents of
the parents were, in the census along with the birth dates/places
and their marriage place.
Gertrude is shown to be a daughter of James Linder and Matilda
Goranch. Matilda's last name is misspelled here, should be Gorsuch.
This census also helps to tie Gertrude's mother as Matilda Gorsuch
Linder Windhurst. Matilda, Gertrude and Grace were all part of the
family of George Windhurst in the 1895 Iowa State Census. Grace also
appeared as a stepdaughter of Geo Windhurst in the 1900 US Census.
1925 State Census Williamsburg, Iowa, Iowa, USA
1 Jan 1925
Hana W Manar Head M abt 1869 56 Married Michigan
Father: Lancesal Manor b. Michigan
Mother: Elizabeth Woodward b abt 1844 in Michigan
Parents' Marriage Place: Michigan
Gertrude L Manar Wife F abt 1880 45 Married Iowa
Father: James Linder b. Iowa
Mother: Matilda Goranch b. abt 1858 in Iowa
Parents' Marriage Place: Iowa
Floyd S Manar Son M abt 1904 21 Single Iowa
Father: Harve (Hana) W Manor b. abt 1869 Michigan
Mother: Gertrude Linder b. Iowa age 45 Iowa
Parents' Marriage Place: Iowa
Alfred O Manar Son M abt 1906 19 Single Iowa
Father: Harve (Hana) W Manor b. abt 1869 Michigan
Mother: Gertrude Linder b. Iowa age 45 Iowa
Parents' Marriage Place: Iowa
Bernice Manar Dau F abt 1909 16 Single Iowa
Father: Harve (Hana) W Manor b. abt 1869 Michigan
Mother: Gertrude Linder b. Iowa age 45 Iowa
Parents' Marriage Place: Iowa
-illegible Manar Dau F abt 1912 13 Single Iowa
Father: Harve (Hana) W Manor b. abt 1869 Michigan
Mother: Gertrude Linder b. Iowa age 45 Iowa
Parents' Marriage Place: Iowa
Dorcas Manar Dau F abt 1916 9 Single Iowa
Father: Harve (Hana) W Manor b. abt 1869 Michigan
Mother: Gertrude Linder b. Iowa age 45 Iowa
Parents' Marriage Place: Iowa 
Source (S1132)
The book was published in 1896 Leah and Elexix Nolan were already decease d by then
Commemorative biographical record of the counties of Sandusky and Ottawa , Ohio, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representativ e citizens
CHICAGO: J. H. BEERS & CO. 1896.
JACOB KLINK, a well-known and popular citizen of Woodville township, San d usky county was born December 9, 1839, and is a son of Caleb and Mary ( Brunthaver) Klink, who were born, respectively. May 7, 1811, in Wittenber g, Germany, and January 12, 1813, in Columbus, Ohio .

Caleb Klink came to America at the tender age of six years.

On September 27, 1836, Caleb Clink was united in marriage with Mary Brunt haver, and four sons and four daughters were born to them, as follows:

Louisa, born August 11, 1837, at Green Spring, Sandusky county, now decea sed, married Henry Peters, a farmer, by whom she had six children, and h e resides in Woodville township, Sandusky county;

Jacob is the subject of this sketch; Charles, born December 23, 1841, mar ried Caroline Pember, by whom he has had three children, and they live i n Woodville township;

Leah, born March 1, 1844, married Elexix Nolan, by whom she had four chil dren, and both she and her husband are now deceased; 
Source (S1521)
The census had water damage. The "L" of W L Burns was an "S"
1880 US Census Precinct 4, Gregg, Texas
W L Burns Self M abt 1856 24 Married AL NC NC
Maggie Burns Wife F abt 1856 24 Married TX NC AL
James Burns Son M abt 1876 4y1m May Single TX AL TX
If born within the Census year, give the month: May
Mattie Burns Dau F abt 1878 2y11m Single TX AL TX 
Source (S1740)
The father's name was a mistake. Edward was Isaac's older brother.
Place of Death: Lorain
Registration District No. 753 File No. 65299
Primary Registration District No. 8331
Registered No. 374
or City of Lorain
Full Name: Isaac N. Linder
Sex: Male
Color or Race: White
Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Widower
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: 79
Occupation: Watchman
Birthplace: Ohio
Name of Father: Ed Linder
Maiden Name of Mother: Not known
Birthplace of Mother: Ohio
Date of Death Dec. 8, 1922 
Source (S1028)
The handwriting for Sarah's last name was bad, should be "Demmon" (Damon)
Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1997
Name: Isaac N. Linder
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 17 Oct 1865
Event Place: Lorain, Ohio, United States
Spouse's Name: Sarah Dennison 
Source (S1033)
There is some doubt this belongs to William and Dora Linder because of the residence place
U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
Name: Dora Lander
Gender: Female
Residence Year: 1943
Street address: 75 Hager rd Roch
Residence Place: Greece, New York, USA
Spouse: William Lander
Publication Title: Greece, New York, City Directory, 1943 
Source (S860)
This birth and death source conflicts with some of the other sources. Th e dates are different and Eugene's mother Ola Ford was a Wright
California, Death Index, 1940-1997
Name: Eugene Thomas Ford
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 26 Dec 1887
Birth Place: Alabama
Death Date: 11 Jul 1946
Death Place: Contra Costa
Mother's Maiden Name: Wright
Father's Surname: Ford 
Source (S4497)
This census is very difficult to read
1920 US Census Nowata, Oklahoma
(this census is very difficult to read)
Bernon D Pember Self M abt 1882 38 Married KS OH OH
Julia Pember Wife F abt 1898 22 Married OK AL AL
Taben W Pember Son M abt 1912 8y3m Single OK KS AL 
Source (S1196)
This family is listed (without any source) as M A Knowlton's family in some family trees in
Was not able to find this family in FamilySearch
1870 US Census Memphis Ward 7, Shelby, Tennessee
Robt Beith M abt 1826 44 Scotland
Martha Beith F abt 1836 34 Tennessee
John Beith M abt 1852 18 Tennessee
Nicholas Beith M abt 1854 16 Tennessee
Mary Beith F abt 1858 12 Tennessee
Robt Beith M abt 1860 10 Tennessee
William Beith M abt 1863 7 Tennessee
Veronica Beith F abt 1868 2 Tennessee 
Source (S2083)
This family is listed in several family trees
in as Francis's family. This may
be her family in the 1880 census but no proof
is listed there that I know of that proves that.
1880 US Census District 642, Carroll, Georgia
Joseph R. Green Head M abt 1832 48 Married GA NC GA
Sarah J. Green Wife F abt 1842 38 Married GA GA GA
Frances L. Green Dau F abt 1862 18 Single GA GA GA
Semion Green Son M abt 1866 14 Single GA GA GA
Josephine Green Dau M abt 1870 10 Single GA GA GA
James M. Green Son M abt 1872 8 Single GA GA GA 
Source (S1983)
This Find A Grave must be Frances M Morehouse because
four other family members were buried in this cemetery
Earl Henry Morehouse
Electa Morehouse
Mary Elizabeth Hay Morehouse
Wallace Morehouse
Birth: 1856
Death: 1878
Note: 1918
Burial: Freemire Cemetery
Sunfield, Eaton County, Michigan, USA
Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?]
Created by: Glenn Geirland
Record added: Sep 25, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 59210279 
Source (S4774)
This is an interesting fact about Estella's life although it does not prove anything. Unless a marriage record with Sexton is found.
The Marion Daily Star (Marion, Ohio)
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Must Never Be Seen in Company of Miss Linder
Father of Girl Causes Sexton's Indictment
for Perjury in Securing a License. To Marry
Sixteen-Year-Old-Girl--Grand Jury Returns a
Bill Against Sexton at Marietta.
Elmer Sexton, a widower, with three children,
who eloped last June from Denmark (Ohio) with
sixteen-year-old Estella Linder, pleaded
guilty in a charge of rape before Judge
Campbell, in the common pleas court, at Mt.
Gilead, Wednesday. He was sentensed to serve
six months in the workhouse, but the sentence
was suspended pending Sexton's good behavior.
Sexton will still have to face a charge of
perjury at Marietta.
At the time of the elopement no clue could
be found as to their whereabouts. Several days
later they returned to Denmark and said they
were married. G. E. Linder father of the child.
Immediately began legal proceedings against
Sexton, preferring a charge of rape in a justice
court, and filing a suit in the common pleas
court to annul the marriage. Sexton was bound
over in the grand jury and was indicted.
Meanwhile, Mr. Linder began proceedings at
Marietta, the place where the marriage took
place, charging Sexton with perjury on the
grounds that he swore falsely regarding the
age of the girl. A true bill for perjury has
been returned against him in Washington county.
At the present session session of the Morrow
county common pleas court. Judge Campbell
declared the marriage void, and assessed the
costs against Sexton. In suspending his sentence
on a charge of rape., the court forbade Sexton
ever being seen in the company of the Linder girl. 
Source (S1606)
This is how this Find A Grave appeared until I made changes to it on November 12, 2015
William "Bill" Roberts
Find A Grave
Birth: 1900
Death: 1948
Family links:
Vadie B. Roberts (1902 - 1986)
Burial: Laurel Grove Cemetery
Norton, Wise County, Virginia, USA
Created by: Andy
Record added: Mar 15, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 66952228 
Source (S1950)
This source gives Louisa's last name as Faling
Iowa, County Death Records, 1880-1992
Name: George Windhurst
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 22 Jun 1916
Event Place: Williamsburg, Iowa, Iowa, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 67
Birth Year (Estimated): 1849
Father's Name: William Windhurst
Mother's Name: Louisa Faling
Certificate Number: 183
Page: 81 
Source (S1638)
This source gives the last name of Bessie
Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1997
Name: Daniel Rockwood Shepard
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 17 Sep 1950
Event Place: Holmes, Ohio, United States
Age: 40
Birth Year (Estimated): 1910
Father's Name: Walter R Shepard
Mother's Name: Bessie M Rockwood
Spouse's Name: Esther Eileen Kaser
Spouse's Age: 40
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1910
Spouse's Father's Name: Charles Kaser
Spouse's Mother's Name: Clara Swanger 
Source (S1732)
Unita B. Crandall copied Bailey history owned by her mother, Sarah Elnor a Bailey about the year 1955. There was mostly a pedigree chart of the f amily, but from this we know that there were two brothers James and Willi am who came from Ireland date unknown. James settled in Pennsylvania, Wil liam settled in the south. All communication was lost.
The book, "The Bailey and Quinn Families", by Edwin Wagner Coles and Fran cis Bernard Bailey, on page 18 shows a Pedigree chart where it is writte n that James Bailey's wife Jane Harkness came from Ireland. 
Source (S1300)
William's grave stone shown in Find A Grave has him
listed as born in 1900 and died in 1948. The 1900 US
Census has him listed as born in Jan 1899 and 1 year
old. His Virginia death record has him as born, 13 "Dec"
1900. That date could not be correct as he was listed
in the 1900 Census which was enumerated on June 13,
1900, "Jan" was listed as his birth month. If the grave
stone birth year 1900 is correct, then his birth would
have to be in January. His birth must have been 13 Jan
1900. But several census's have his birth year listed
before 1900. Whatever, his gravestone "and" his death
record state he was born in 1900.
Virginia, Death Records, 1912-2014
Name: William Grimes Roberts
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age at Death: 47
Birth Date: 13 Dec 1900
Death Date: 24 Jun 1948
Death Place: Norton, Wise, Virginia, USA
Registration Date: 27 Jun 1948
Father: George Roberts
Mother: Ellen Neal
Spouse: Vadie Bryant Roberts 
Source (S1948)
Yeoman of the chamber to Richard II, 19 Mar 1381. King's pavillioner, 22 May 1395. Held lands in Ramsbury, Wiltshire. 
WYNSLOW, William (I18711)
~BAPTISM: Also shown as Baptized 1 Sep 1998, MANTI.

~ENDOWMENT: Also shown as Endowed 4 May 1999, MANTI.

~SEALING_PARENTS: Also shown as SealPar 6 Feb 2010, IFALL. 
PARKER, Joshua (Twin) (I925)
~BAPTISM: Also shown as Baptized Not Needed

~ENDOWMENT: Also shown as Endowed Not Needed 
BATCHELLER, Mary (I8033)
242 !
Theophilus,10 son of Dea. William and Sarah (Kilham) Fiske, married
about August, 1700, as their intention of marriage was recorde d i n that month.
She deceased May 23, 1753, and he married Mehitable Wilkins, o f T opsfield,
July 26, 1756, who survived him; and probably about October, 176 2 , she
married to Hobert Rust, of Ipswich. He settled in Wenham, wher e h e made his
will June 8, 1757, and died Sept. 6, 1759, and his brother, De a . Ebenezer
Fiske, settled his estate. Of his real estate in the inventory , b esides his
homestead, was twenty-four acres of meadow in Wenham, two acre s s alt
marsh in Ipswich, and three lots in Wenham Swamp; and the homest e ad was
bounded by a Thomas Fiske, John Friend, and Josiah Fairfield. H i s children

21. Phobe, b. Jan. 4, 1701-2, who in, Jesse Maluard, of Westboro u gh, Sept.
27, 1737, and she received her portion of her father's est a te in 1760.

22. Jernsha, b. Oct. 23, 1704, who m. Caleb Moulton, of Ipswic h , Nov. 8,
1734, and Jerusha, her first child, was b. Aug. 1, 1735.

23. Thomas, bap. Aug. 24, 1707; received his portion previou s t o his father's
will, receiving by deed, April 2, 1757, half the homestead and t h e westerly half
of the house.

24. Theophilus, b. May 31, 1709, and bap. July 3, that year, w h o m. Jemima
Goldsmith, Jan. 11, 1737-8.

25. Martha, b. Oct. 25, 1711, who m. George Dodge, of Ipswich; w a s Ilving
when her father made his will.

26. Mary, b. Sept. 29, 1713, who m. John Perkins, of Topsfield , F eb. 20,
1750-1; was also mentioned as Ilving in 1757.

27. Benjamin, who deceased Aug. 25, 1751. 
FISKE, Theophilus (I4013)

1843 - 1935

CHRISTIAN JOHNSON, fourth child of Johan and Johannah Laustsen
Larsen, was born in Oudrup, Aalborg, Denmark 6 Apr 1843. He lived
with his parents, three brothers and three sisters on their farm in
Denmark and it was his task to assist with the herding of the
cattle and sheep on the low, rolling, grass-covered hills near his
In 1852, his father traded homes with a man in Adrup, and in
1853 they moved to Auistrup where his parents embraced the Gospel
and were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-
Day-Saints, better known as "Mormons".
In the year of 1854, they started on their way to America,
without much money. The family had everything they owned loaded on
a ship. Then they could not find their son Lars Christian Johnson.
Relations hid him away. Christian, his father and older brother
Alias walked all night and until they were near exhaustion, but
could not find their son Lars. The family were obliged to go and
leave him behind in Denmark.
Christian was just a small boy when he crossed the ocean with
his parents. He was about 10 years old. They left Denmark in Nov of
1854, and arrived in Hull 24 Dec 1854, and arrived in Liverpool 25
Dec 1854. On 7th of Jan 1855, the good "James Nas Mith" on which
they sailed from Liverpool with 441 Scandinavians and english
Saints under the directions of Peter O. Hanson. They arrived at New
Orleans, 23th of Feb 1855.
The Company continued up the river to Fort Leavenworth, and
after to Hickory Grove, near Atchison, Kansas where his father
filed on some land; but he had no money, so he was unable to
cultivate it. His father earned one dollar a day when he could get
work. They were strangers in a strange land. They could not speak
English and the place where they lived was unhealthy and they were
not adapted to the climate, therefore they became sick. The father,
mother and their youngest son, Neils died.
They suffered such hardship and worry; before his father died,
he secured a place for his son Christian to live. He worked for an
old couple by the name of Ray. They lived in Latin, Missouri. While
living with the Rays', he became ill with chills and fever. They
called in several doctors, but they all said he could not get well.
While he was very ill, the Ray family was obliged to move about
twelve miles away. The change seemed to help him and he soon
regained his health.
After staying one year in Missouri, Christian Johnson and his
brother Elias and his sisters Anna and Mary continued their journey
on the Utah with the other Saints. Christian joined the A. O. Smoot
company where he drove one of the ox teams. It was his duty to get
up early in the morning and camp during the night.
His youngest sister Mary came with an old english couple. She
had her feet and legs so badly frozen, that they had to be
amputated just below the knees. She always walked on her knees. She
married and raised a large family.
His oldest sister Anna emigrated on to Utah in 1855.
Christian, his brother Elias and their sisters Anna and Mary
arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah, Sep 1856. They lived with the A.
O. Smoot family for some time.
Later, Christian lived with his oldest sister Catherine and
later moved to Southern Utah where he helped with the settlements
of Salina, Richfield and Joseph in Sevier County.
During the Indian depredations, Christian helped defend the
infant settlements and later in life was pensioned as an Indian War
veteran. He helped to fight the Black Hawk War!
Christian married Martha Lewis, daughter of Tarlton Lewis and
Melinda Gimlin, 3 Jan 1866. Mr. Lewis was the Bishop of Richfield
2nd Ward, and was the first Patriarch of Sevier Stake.
Before moving to Joseph, Christian and Martha lived in
Minersville, Beaver County where Christian served as the Ward
Their two oldest children were born in Minersville, Ephrim in
1868 and Mary Elizabeth in 1870. Three of their children were born
in Joseph, Edward, Ellen and Ira. They moved back to Richfield
where Martha Rebecca was born in 1877, and Melinda Johannah in
In 1880, he moved his family to Thurber, Wayne County, Utah
and homesteaded some land. Here in Thurber, now called Bicknell is
where their youngest child, John Lewis was born in 1882.
The Johnson family settled five miles south and a little west
of Bicknell. They owned a farm and a meadow. Pine Creek ran through
the meadow and their was plenty of fish in the creek. A three-room
house of logs was built near the spring.
Mr. Johnson became a successful farmer and cattlemen, but he
also had many misfortunes. His wife was ill many years before she
passed away leaving him to rear a large family of small children.
His wife died 11 May 1886. His daughter, Nell stayed in the
home and helped her father for some time before she married.
In due time all the girls went to homes of their own and again
tragedy struck when the eldest daughter, Mary died leaving four
small children, which he helped care for.
While in Thurber, Christian helped to build the first two
church houses. His name is on the monument, built for the pioneers
at Bicknell.
He was endowed in the Salt Lake City Endowment House, 4 Dec
1869. He was ordained an Elder at Minersville by Joseph Banks. He
was made a seventy by Chapman Duncain, 2 Mar 1885. He was ordained
a High Priest, 5 May 1902.
Christian went on a Mission to his native land rom 1896 to
1898. He was set apart by F. M. Lymon on 4 Apr 1896. He labored in
the Aalborg conference. While in Denmark he had the pleasure of
meeting his brother Lars, who was left behind when a child in 1854.
He was to accompany a sick Elder home 4 Feb 1898 and arrived
home 2 Apr 1898.
While Christian was in Denmark, he tried to convert his
brother Lars to Mormonism, but failed. Lars died in Buarrip,
Denmark, 21 Jun 1916.
After his return to Utah, Christian married Annie Van Dyke,
but the marriage proved unsuccessful and they separated.
During his later years, he made his home with his youngest
daughter Melinda and her husband Harvey Mangum. He visited with the
other children, and occasionally stayed in the home of his brother
Elias and family, for the two brothers had always been very close
to each other.
Christian was well fixed financially.
He lived to be 92 years of age and although he had endured
many trials, yet he never lost faith in God and in the Gospel of
Jesus Christ. He was a hard working man and was liked by everyone.
He helped to nurse the sick and helped to lay the dead to rest.
He was one of the early settlers in Rabbit Valley, Pine
County, now known as Wayne County.
One time he worked on a government survey. He worked on
various jobs at Richfield.
In the last years of his life, he visited his children back
and forth in California and Wyoming.
His health permitting, he faithfully attended Church meetings.
One evening in Dec of 1935, he was on his way to meeting, when he
stumbled and fell on the sharp point of a post, which had broken
off. As a result of internal injuries received in this accident, he
passed away 13 Dec 1935 and was buried in the Bicknell cemetery.
When he had this accident, it was then he said to his daughter
Malinda that he thought he was good for at least another ten years,
but he guessed it was alright anyway.
He was buried at Bicknell, Wayne County, Utah 15 Dec 1935.

and Martha Lewis

Christian Johnson, b. 6 Apr 1843 in Adrup or Oudrup, Albrg,
Denmark, son of Johan Larsen and Johannah Laustsen Larsen, md. 3
Jan 1866 Martha Lewis, b. 10 Jul 1849 in Salt Lake City, Utah, dau.
of Tarlton and Melinda Gimlin, she d. 11 May 1886 in Thurber (now
Bicknell), Wayne, Utah, bur. 12 May 1886 in Bicknell, Utah.

To this union, the following children were born:

1- Ephrim, b. 23 Jul 1868 in Minersville, Beaver, Utah, d. in
Dec of 1909.
*2- MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON, b. 12 Feb 1870 in Minersville,
Ut, md. in Apr of 1884 to William Austin Bullard; she
d. in Aug of 1897.
3- Edward, b. 23 Mar 1871 in Joseph, Seiver, Utah, d. 23 May
4- Ellen, b. 10 Mar 1873 in Joseph, Utah, md. 21 May 1902 to
George Van Ausdale, she d. (not given).
5- Ira, b. 4 Apr 1875 in Joseph, Utah, md. 1st 4 Dec 1901 to
Hester Ann Van Ausdale; 2nd 29 Dec 1911 to Ingle Van
Ausdale, he d. (not given).
6- Martha Rebecca, b. 2 Apr 1877 in Richfield, Seiver, Utah,
md. 25 May 1891 to Samuel Legg, she d. 23 Nov 1923.
7- Melinda Johannah, b. 3 Jun 1879 in Richfield, Utah, md. 14
Apr 1898 to Joseph Harvey Mangum, she d. 10 Aug 1949.
8- John Lewis, b. 1 Mar 1882 in Bicknell, Wayne, Utah, he d.
in May of 1882.

CHRISTIAN JOHNSON, died 13 Dec 1935 in Bicknell, Wayne,
Utah, bur. at Bicknell, Utah.

Sources of Information:

Kate B. Carter, "Our Pioneer Heritage", ("On To Zion"), vol.
4, pp 186-187.
Ted L. Moody, Copied from book above and also retyped a
history of Christian Johnson by an unknown writer, probably a
The above was typed 27 May 1994 by Ted and Maxine Moody, Rt.
2, box 765, Safford, Arizona 85546 (ph. # 1-602-428-1564). 
JOHNSON, Christian (I679)
244 ! A Biographical History of Robert Randall and his Descendants

Author: William L. Chaffin
Call Number: CS71.R19

This book contains the history and genealogy of the Randall fa m ily of New York and Pennsylvania,

Bibliographic Information: Chaffin, William L. A Biographica l H istory of Robert Randall and his
Descendants. The Grafton Press. New York. 1909.



ROBERT RANDALL, the founder of one branch of the Randall fami l y of America, was born in
England in 1608, and died May 3, 1691, in Weymouth, Mass. He c a me to this country about 1635
and settled in Weymouth. His name appears on the records of t h e Mass. General Court, Jan. 10,
1640, where, at the Quarter Court, he is tried upon some charg e , but is subsequently acquitted. His
name occurs on the vital records of Weymouth as early as Sept . , 1640, also in Jan. 1642. Tracts of
land are recorded as granted to, or owned by, him, in 1644, a n d in the division of Weymouth lands
of 1663 he comes into possession of large tracts, one of the m b eing on the west side of the town
adjoining Braintree.

He was admitted as freeman of the Colony May 26, 1647. In a de p osition made by him and
recorded in the Mass. Archives, Vol. C, xxiv, 16, he states un d er date of July 2, 1688, that he was
eighty years of age, and that prior to coming to this countr y h e was "living for sometime in Wendover,
Bucks Co., England." This statement suggested Wendover as hi s n ative place. Accordingly the
author of this genealogy employed a competent person to go t o W endover and ascertain the facts of
the case. The examination revealed no trace of Robert Randal l o r of any of the Randall name. The
oldest and best informed residents had never heard that an y o f the family resided there; no Randall
tombstones were found, and the vicar of the Wendover parish d i d not discover the name on his
church records, which, however, only dated from 1632. The conc l usion necessitated by these facts
was that Robert Randall was only temporarily resident at Wendo v er, and was not a native of the
town. His English origin must therefore for the present rema i n an unsolved problem. In the records of
Bath Abbey Christenings in England, at dates not far from th a t of Robert Randall's birth, many
Roberts appear--that name and the names afterwards common in t h e Robert line being very often
used, and they suggest the probability that Robert of Weymout h , Mass., came from this line, but this
is only conjecture.

Page 3

obert Randall's will, Suffolk Probate, Vol. viii, pp. 41, 42, was date d M arch 27, 1691. It begins as
follows: "I, Robert Randall, of Weymouth, in New England, bei n g weake of body but of competent
memory and of a disposing mind, committing my selfe both sou l e and body unto Almighty God in
hope of Eternal life and happiness through Jesus Christ his So n , and my only Saviour and Redeemer:
Doe make this my last Will and Testament," etc.

His will was executed by his mark in the presence of Mary Vini n g, Joseph Dyer, and William Chard.
He died May 3, 1691, and his will was proved May 25th followin g .

He gave to his eldest son, John, two-thirds of the pasture lan d , lying in the Range Field, being about
nine acres; also two acres of swamp lying betwixt the land o f h is son John and his son Thomas,
bounded by Joseph Dyer and Thomas Drake's land. Also one-hal f o f the fresh meadow land "lying
betwixt my son John his dwelling house, and my orchard." Als o s even acres in the first division of
"Weymouth town commons."

To his youngest son, Thomas, he gave his dwelling house and ou t house, two orchards, one-third of
pasture with other lands adjoining the Plymouth line.

To daughter Mary, wife of Abraham Staples, of Mendon, and daug h ter Hannah, wife of John
Warfield, of Mendon, œ5 each.

His son John to be sole executor.

The inventory was made by John Shaw and Joseph Dyer, May 16, 1 6 91, the total being œ154, 11s

The exact date of Robert Randall's arrival in this country a n d his settling in Weymouth cannot be
determined. It was certainly prior to 1640, for his name appea r s upon the Mass. General Court
records in January of that year. Whether his first marriage oc c urred in England and his two sons were
born there, or this marriage and these births occurred in Weym o uth, Mass., cannot be learned.
Considerations that need not be detailed here make it seem ve r y probable that the sons John and
Thomas were born in Weymouth some time between 1630 and 1640 , R obert's first wife dying at this
latter date. Her name was Mary. By her Robert Randall had:

2 i. JOHN, b. probably at Weymouth bet. 1630 and 1640; d. Fe b .
25, 1718, in Taunton North Purchase.
3 ii. THOMAS, b. probably at Weymouth bet. 1630 and 1640 ; d . June
11, 1711, in Taunton North Purchase.

Page 4

Robert's first wife, Mary, died in Weymouth, Sept., 1640,(*) and he so o n married, second, Mary
French, sister of Stephen French, who, in his will, 1679, ment i ons his "sister Mary Randall." The
children of Robert and Mary, the second wife, were:

iii. MARY, b. Jan. 20, 1642. She married, Sept. 19, 1660, A b raham
Staples, of Weymouth, who removed to Mendon in 1663,
becoming one of its first settlers, and they had: 1. A b raham,
b. June 14, 1663; m. Mehitable Hayward, and d. Jan. 30,
1707. 2. John, b. 1667; d. after 1725. 3. Mary, b. Apr i l 1,
1668; d. June 29, 1669. 4. Jacob, b. Nov. 10, 1669 ; m . 1st,
Abigail Winter, and 2d, Widow Mary Briggs, and d. 1724.
5. Ebenezer, b. 1677; m. 1st, Widow Huldah Aldrich, 2d,
Mehitable Barron, 3d, Mary Davis, d. March 27, 1758. 6.
Ephraim, b. Sept. 2, 1678; m. Elizabeth Webster, an d d . abt.
1709. 7. Mary, b. Feb. 8, 1681; d. Jan. 27, 1682. 8. B e njamin,
b. Dec. 27, 1682; d. Oct. 29, 1683. 9. Hannah, b.
May 13, 1686; m. John Darling.
Abraham Staples, Sr., d. in Mendon, Oct. 20, 1703, and his wi f e Mary d. March 9, 1712, also in
Mendon. Among their descendants born in Mendon were two Unitar i an preachers of first-rate ability
and noble character, Carlton A. and Nahor Augustus Staples.

iv. HANNAH, b. after 1642; m. Dec. 26, 1671, John Warfield.
Hannah was his third wife. He m. 1st, Elizabeth Sheph e rd,
by whom he had John, Aug. 20, 1662, and Elizabeth, Au g . 29,
1665. His wife died May 24, 1669, and he m. 2d, Pereg r ine
(???). She died April 1, 1671, and he m. Hannah
Randall. Children: 1. Ithamar, b. March 28, 1676; m.
Philip Amidon. 2. Ephraim, b. Oct. 4, 1679. 3. Elihu,
b. April 27, 1682. Elihu m. 1st, Mary (???), and 2d , S arah
(???). 4. Mary, b. April 17, 1685; m. May 19, 1719, W i lliam
John Warfield, Sr., was of Medfield in 1679, and was in Mend o n as early as 1683, where he was
deacon of the church. He died April 12, 1692, in Mendon. His w i fe Hannah was alive as late as
1691, for her father's will, made March 27 of that year, leav e s her five pounds "in good Country pay
at money price to be paid three months after my decease." Th i s bequest he also made, as follows:
"And I also give unto my said two daughters [Mary and Hannah ] m y greatest Brass Kettle, the price
as valued to be equally divided between them." Hannah, the wid o w of John Warfield, d. in Mendon,
March 9, 1712.

(*) Weymouth records say she was buried Sept. 3, 1640.

Page 5 
RANDALL, Robert (I5234)
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This I cut and pasted from
under descendants of Thomas Packer
don't know if its proven.
My line extends from Moses and Hannah son Marshal Lanborn Packer.
Any help on Marshal's death date greatly appreciated.

1. THOMAS1 PACKER was born Abt. 1460 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershir e , England, and
died Unknown in Unknown. He married MARGARET KIBBLEWHITE Unknow n i n Unknown.

Much of what we know about the Packer family before 1850 comes fr o m research done by
Warren Packer from Evansville, Indiana. The following are excerpt s f rom his letter to Richard Packer
dated 27 Feb,1958.

Philip Packer arrived in Philadelphia on the Lion of Liverpool o n 1 4 August 1683 as an
indentured servant of Joseph Fisher. He had four years to serve a n d was to receive 50 acres of land but
no money at the end of his indenture. The Fishers were from Stillgo r in, near Dublin, Ireland but
we think that Philip was from England. Two years later, 10 Sept 168 5 , Philip married in the house of
Joseph Fisher in Philadelphia to Hannah Sessions, who was born 11 J u ne 1665 in Oxfordshire,
England. Her parents, James and Ann Sessions, were members of the F r iends Meeting at Witney,
Oxfordshire, before coming to America. The next record of Philip Pa c ker that we find was
10 Sept, 1689 when he was a yeoman of Philadelphia County. He was a p pointed administrator of the
estate of his mother in law, Ann Sessions.
The second wife of Philip Packer was Rebecca Jones, who came with h e r parents from
Wales. She married 27 March, 1741. We do not know when Hannah di e d . We do know that Philip Jr.
was Hannah's son.
Philip Packer Jr., was born 1686 in Pa. He married in 1724 in Chest e r Co., Pa. to Ann
Coates, daughter. of Peter Coates. She was born in Ireland, and t h e family came to America as the
result of the "war" against Protestants in Ireland. The Coates fami l y was Antibaptist.
Philip Packer, Jr., lived in New Jersey and then moved to the hea d o f Chester, in Maryland.,
for a short time, finally going to the vicinity of Yellow Spring s i n Chester Co. He died in Pikeland
twp., Chester Co. He was injured in the back in a sawmill acciden t a nd struck by a pitman
(whatever that was) so that in later years he was feeble and walk e d with two staves. At one time he lived
with his son James in Uwchland Twp. , Chester Co. near Downington . L ater he lived with his son
Moses, who was bound to support his father and mother. Ann live wi t h her son Moses as a widow
until he moved to York Co., Penn., at which time she went to live w i th her son James and died at the
close of the Revolutionary War. Philip Packer, Jr., was connected w i th the Friends Society in
Burlington Co., New Jersey, and later with the East Caln Monthly Me e ting in Chester Co., Penn. Philip
and Ann had five children, among whom was James. James Packer was b o rn in Middlesex Co., New Jersey, 4 Feb,1726 . James died at Howar d , Centre Co., 10 Jan 1805, and is buried in the Old Packer cemetery ne a r Howard. He married at Caln Monthly Meeting of Friends in Ches te r Co., 1Jan, 1752 to Rose Mendenhall, who was born Chester Co. , 4 A ugust 1733 and died at Bald Eagle, Jun 1824; her parents were Aaron
and Rose (Pierson) Mendenhall. From various records we find that Ja m es Packer went from New
Providence Monthly Meeting to Gwynedd, 30 Nov , 1750 and from Gwyne d d to Goshen.
The tax lists of Chester Co. show that he was in Pikeland twp. 1765 - 1781. He was taxed in East
Caln twp., 1767-1771. He evidently did not live in Pikeland, as h e w as taxed on property only and not
on animals.
In 1794 he was taxed on a mill in Centre Co., Penn. In 1796 he wa s o verseer of the poor in Bald
Eagle twp., which at that time was in Centre Co. The tax records Ce n tre co. show that in 1801 he
was taxed on 50 acres and 1 horse; in 1802 on 250 acres; in 180 3 o n 200 acres, and again in 1804
on 200 acres. In 1808, Rose Packer was taxed on 265 acres, as she w a s in 1809 and 1810. The land records of Centre Co. show that on 1 9 D ec 1796 James Packer, Sr. received of Thomas Johnston ( who was h i s son-in-law) and Jamesr Jr., 34 pounds, 9 shillings, for par t o f the money due for a tract of land, 200
acres, mill, and sawmill. On 19 May 1800, James Packer, Sr., settl e d with Thomas Johnston for 200 acres, gristmill, and sawmill, wit h J ames Packer, Jr., present. Among the thirteen childern of James and R os e was James Jr. whohe father of Gov. William Fisher Packer an d A aron Packer. The birth record of Aaron is found in the Uwchlan Mo nt hly Meeting records as 5 November 1764. He married Hannah Johnston, who
died 1804, age 40, and is buried in the Packer cemetry. In the 1801 t ax list of Centere Co., Aaron Packer was taxed on 20 acres a n d 1 cow. In 1802, Aaron Packer, a blacksmith, was taxed on 25 acres, a s h e was
until 1804. We do not find any record of him after that time. Aar o n and Hannah had six childern,
among whom was Jehu Packer.
Jehu Packer ( in some of thethe records as John ) was born 15 Octob e r 1792 in Chester
Co., Penn., and died in Howard twp., 31 January 1852. He married Sa r ah Lowe or Dow, who
was born in 1793 and died 15 February 1871, dau. of Patrick Low e o r Dow. they are both buried in
the Packer cemetery. His will is on file in Centre Co. I found hi m l isted in 1830 census of Bald
Eagle twp., Centre Co. as well as in the 1850 census of Howard tw p . He and Sarah had twelve
children among whom was Maria, born 25 September 1827.
Maria Packer , a daughter of Jehu and Sarah 9 Low or Dow ) Packer . S he was born 25
September 1827 and married Henry Glossner. I dont have their marria g e date. It is not known for sure
why Jared Packer was in the Glossner family. The brothers of Mari a P acker Glossner were Job
Way Packer, John Johnson Packer, Cornelius Lemborn Packer,James, Wi l liam Nelson, All of
these men lived much beyond 1850 and would not have left a son t o b e living in the household of their
sister. In 1885 Reuben Glossner was appointed administrator of Hen r y Glossner, late of the Borough
of Howard, Center co. with widow Maria.
In order to solve the mystery of why Jared or (Jairus) was given t h e name Packer rather than
Glossner I wrote to his daughter Mrs. Guyer I received her reply to d ay 28 feb 1958. She
said that her father was buried seventy years the fourth of Janua r y at Howard. . She said that he was
killed and that he worked in the woods as a lumberman. She also sta t ed that his mother gave him
her maiden name which was Packer, for what reason she never heard . I t might have been that he
was born out of wedlock.
The above was in Family Tree Maker, CD Vol 1-1637.
Much more information was gathered from Family Tree Maker, CD Vol 4 - 2818.
The information on the line from Jehu down to Zella was researche d a nd entered by Daniel Ellis
Howe. Much of the info was taken from:
Linn's, History of Centre and Clinton Counties Pennsylvania, 1883.
i. MARGARET2 PACKER, b. Abt. 1488, Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown.
ii. ROBERT PACKER, b. Abt. 1490, Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown.
iii. THOMAS PACKER, b. Abt. 1493, Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown; m.
JOAN RIDDLER, Unknown, Unknown.
iv. JOHN PACKER, b. Abt. 1496, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Englan d ; d.
1557, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.
v. KATHERINE PACKER, b. Abt. 1500.


PACKER, Philip (I1670)
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Elizabeth (I4956)
247 ! A Genealogy of the Descendants of William Kelsey, Vol III

Author: Edward A. Claypool and Azalea Clizbee
Call Number: R929.2 K31 v.2

A record of the descendants of William Kelsey, the Puritan ancest o r, who
settled at Cambridge, Mass. in 1632; at Hartford, Conn. in 1636 ; a nd at
Killingsworth, Conn. in 1663.

Bibliographic Information: Claypool, Edward A. and Azalea Clizbe e . A
Genealogy of the Descendants of William Kelsey Vol. 2. New Haven,
Conn.: The Tuttle, Morehouse, and Taylor Company, 1929.

SUSAN KELSEY (Daniel2221, Solomon1216, Daniel656, James214,
John49, Stephen8, William1), daughter of Daniel Kelsey and Susan White,
died at Skiddy, Kan. She married (???) DENNY, of whom we have no
further record.

Children: (?) (DENNY), at least two sons and one daughter; perhaps

6259a i CARLOS E., born at Joliet, Ill.; died Kansas City , M o.
He married, SUSAN KELSEY (claimed to have been a
cousin ?), who died at Montisamo, Wash. Children- - Edwin,
Delbert, Nellie, Daniel and Frederick.
6259b ii HENRY, who died at Miami, Fla.
6259c iii ELLEN J. E., born 1851 at Joliet, Ill.; died Jan. 1 4 , 1922,
at Skiddy, Kan. She married, Mar. 24, 1867, at Le m ont, Ill., SELAH
SPAULDING, born Aug. 25, 1843, at place
of marriage; died Sept. 18, 1924, at Hiawatha, Ka n .
Children: Cora Eva; Frank, born Sept. 1, 1869, Em m a
Rosalie, born June 27, 1871, married, Jan. 1, 189 1 , Charles
Ormsby Pember, born Jan. 12, 1868; Walter Irving;
Mable Viola, born 1874; Henry, born Oct. 19, 187 6 , died
Mar. 5, 1899, at Twin Creek, Kan.; George William;
Mary Elizabeth, born Nov. 1, 1880.

1850 Federal Census enumerated October 22, 1850
Joliet, Will County, Illinois
Charles Denny 27 male Machinist born in New York, could not read
Susan Denny 23 female
Charles Jr 2 male
Ellen 2/12 female 
DENNY, Ellen Elizabeth (I9137)
248 ! BIRT PLAC Of Rowan Or Stokes Co., NC
Copied from
Isaiah GUYMON was born in 1753 in Rowan Dr. Stokes County, NC.
He died after 1792 in North Carolina. He was buried in Stokes County,
NC. He has Ancestral File number 2OQM-RW. Isaiah was raised by
Malcom and Isaiah Curry until he married, when he took his own name
Isaiah Guymon.
Family tradition indicated Isaiah Guymon served in the Revolutionary War . The tradition, in fact was quite specific--he was the tallest soldie r in his company. Proof of his service is indicated by Revolutionary Wa r PayV ouchers #2729 and #4066 and Clothing Allowance Certificate #401 o n filea t the North Carolina Archives.
____________________________________ I 686
First Guymons in AmericaThe family tradition states that somewhere aro u nd 1753, a man by the name of Guyman and his wife, Elizabeth Curry, sai le d from Ireland to America. On the voyage across the ocean the man die d an d was buried at sea. His wife came on to America where her son was b orn . She named him Isaiah. He was raised by Elizabeth?s two brothers, Ma lcol m and Isaiah Curry. When Isaiah was seventeen years old (abt 1770) h is mo ther married a Mr. Richard Goode, a very prominent and well to do m an.Isa iah married Elizabeth Flynn in 1772, at this time he took his ow n name o f Isaiah Guymon. The first recorded history of the Guymon famil y is of Is aiah and Elizabeth residing in Stokes County, North Carolin, i n 1773. The y were the parents of ten children.Isaiah was a soldier i n the Revoluti onary War.Pedigree Resource File CD 19:Isaiah Guymon wa s born about 17 53 shortly after his mother Elizabeth Curry Guymon arrive d in America. Hi s father died and was buried at sea. His mother came o n to America and be cause of the difficulty of a lone woman making a livi ng in Colonial Ameri ca and raising a baby, Isaiah was given to his mothe r's two brothers, Mal colm and Isaiah Curry. When he married Elizabeth Fl ynn, he took his own n ame, Isaiah Guymon.In 1772-73 Isaiah married Eli zabeth Flynn and bega n raising a family in Surry (now Stokes County), No rth Carolina. The firs t eight children were born in Surry County, with T homas, the seventh, bei ng born on 10 March 1787. The last two were bor n in Stokes County. The bi rth dates of all his children came from the pe rsonal record written by Is aiah Guymon himself.Tradition says that Isaia h participated in the Revo lutionary War on the American side and that h e was the tallest soldier a t Valley Forge. Searches of records to verif y this have yielded only a cl othing issuance number #6901. There is no r ecord that Isaiah applied fo r a bounty land warrant instead of dollars f or his military service. At t he time of his death, he did not qualify fo r a pension since he was no t a poor man. His wife died before eligibilit y of veteran benefits were i nstituted.By 1782 Isaiah had acquired 10 0 acres of land in Surry Count y which he farmed to support his growing f amily. In 1786 he purchased ano ther 100 acres with an old mill on it. I n 1791 and 1797 he bought anothe r 200 acres making a total of about 60 0 acres..Isaiah gave great servic e to the community as overseer of th e road, keeping it clear of fallen tr ees, filling deep holes, etc. He se rved as a juror and took part in a loc al iron works project adjacent t o his property.It was a common practic e during this time to sell lan d to their sons at a low price as they cam e of age or married. Isaiah fo llowed this custom deeding Thomas 100 acre s in 1809, William 30 acres i n 1815 and 200 acres to Richard in 1819. Wit h this last transaction, Isa iah disappears from civil records of the stat e of North Carolina. It i s not known whether he died and was buried on hi s farm or went west wit h Thomas or William, but it is known that he coul d read and write, somet hing unusual for a frontier farmer in those days , and that he was red-he aded! Isaiah at age 70 lived to see the taming o f North Carolina, live d through two wars, raised l0 children to maturit y and had been active i n civic affairs.LDS AF shows death date as 20 Fe b 1809; also children , dates, etc.In 1957 it was reported that there ha d been considerabl e research on Isaiah Guymon and Elizabeth Curry's desce ndants. At that t ime they had put together 420 Family Group Sheets and co unted 1600 desce ndants.Mrs. Charlotte Anderson, a daughter of Noah Thoma s Guymon and Lo uisa Rowley did a lot of this resarch as well as a Georg e Weatherald o f Los Angeles, who was a great great grandson of Richard Gu ymon, the you gest son of Isaiah and Elizabeth. He was an accredited genea logist. I' m sure murch more has been obtained since then.

GUYMON, Isaiah Curry (I795)
249 ! Capt. John Gorham was a relative to Nathaniel Gorham who signed the
Constitution of the United States of America.
Lamont-Eldredge Family Records
Author: Belle Eldredge Lamont
Call Number: R929.2 L234
Family records of descendants of William Eldred and Anne
(Lumpkin) Eldred who arrived in America in 1647
Bibliographic Information: Lamont, Belle Eldredge.
Lamont-Eldredge Family Records. N.p., 1948.

Capt. John Gorham is the ancestor of the numerous families in New Eng. , i n
R. I. and N. Y. and other states. His father Ralph and his great-grandfa t her
James resided at Benefield in Northamptonshire, where John was bapt.
Jan. 18, 1620/1.

James Gorham (1) born 1550; m. 1572 Agnes Bernington (p. 39 of Allied
Families); one son Ralph Gorham born 1575; m. . . . . . ; came with hi s f amily
to New Eng. and was in Plymouth 1637; son John 3 (Ralph 2, James

1) bapt. Jan. 28, 1620/1; m. 1643 Desire Howland, dau. of John and Eliza b eth
(Tilley) Howland. In 1643 John was 22 yrs. of age; Desire Howland was o n e
of the first born at Plymouth, a young woman who had been educated in the
Puritan faith and who during her long life was a pattern of good work s , a kind
hearted woman and a Christian in name and spirit, dau. of John Howland a n d
granddau. of John Tilley.

Oct. 4, 1675 was appt. by Court Capt. of the 2nd Co. of the Plymouth for c es
in King Philip's war; Dec. 19, 1675 Capt. Gorham and Co. were in the bat t le
at Swamp Fort in the Narraganset County.

Mrs. Gorham died at Barnstable, Oct. 13, 1683.

Mr. Gorham never recovered from cold and fatigue of last expedition; sei z ed
with fever and died at Swansea where he was buried Feb. 5, 1675/6.

Children of Capt. Gorham and Desire (Howland) Gorham:
1 Desire Gorham, b. Apr. 2, 1644 at Plymouth.
2 Temperance Gorham, b. May 5, 1646 at Marshfield.
3 Elizabeth Gorham, b. Apr. 2, 1648 at Marshfield.
4 James Gorham, b. Apr. 28, 1650 at Marshfield.
5 John Gorham, b. Feb. 20, 1651/2 at Marshfield.
6 Joseph Gorham, b. Feb. 16, 1653/4 at Yarmouth.
7 Jabez Gorham, b. Aug. 3, 1656 at Barnstable.
8 Mercy Gorham, b. Jan. 20, 1658 at Barnstable; d. Sept. 24, 1725;
m. Geo. Denison. See Denison
9 Lydia Gorham, b. Nov. 16, 1661 at Barnstable.
10 Hannah Gorham, b. Nov. 28, 1663.
11 Shuball Gorham, b. Oct. 21, 1667.
Memoirs of the Leonard, Thompson and Haskell Families
Author: Caroline Goodenough
With about 1200 names included, this book has these families plus over 40
collateral families. It contains interesting stories on each line, roy a l history,
and has detailed genealogies.

Our First Carver Line
1. James Carver, Lincolnshire, Eng.
2. John Carver, 1st Gov. Plymouth Republic, d. 1621, m.
Katherine Robinson.
3. A daughter (name unknown) died in Holland before
1620, m. John Tilley, 1st w.
4. Elizabeth Tilley, Mayflower Pilgrim, 1607-1687, orphan
at 14, m. John Howland.
5. Desire Howland, m. Capt. John Gorham, who d. from
exposure in Indian campaign.
6. Lieut. Col. John Gorham, Jr.
7. Mary Gorham, m. Joseph Hinckley.
8. Mercy Hinckley, m. Dea. John Bourne.
9. Elizabeth Bourne, m. 1st Capt. Jonathan Swift.
10. Abigail Swift, m. Zebulon Haskell.
11. Abiah Haskell, 1779-1853, m. Isaac Thompson, 1781-1835. 
GORHAM, John (I3921)
250 ! Do we have the wrong parents for Elizabeth Sweet?
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I wish I could give you my sources for the following info but it was
gathered by my mother and she passed away a couple of years ago. She
was very careful with her research and although I am sure she made mista k es
I know that she carefully proved her info.
Richard Sweet m Mehitable Larkin 15 Dec 1673
William b abt 1674, Warwick RI
Richard Jr. b. 23 Feb 1676, Westerly, RI
Susanna b. 17 Feb 1678, Westerly, RI
Elizabeth b. 10 Feb 1680, Westerly, RI
Mary b 4 Nov 1682, Westerly, RI
Eleanor b 13 Jun 1687, Westerly, RI
Benjamin b. abt 1688, Warwick, RI

Richard jr. M. Elizabeth Jaques 8 Mar 1704 and 2nd Fear Jones,
22 May 1712, they had six children.
Elizabeth m. Peter Wells, 2 Jul 1746
Benjamin m. Margaret Hammett, 11 May 1721,
they had seven children
Two of Richard's children were born in Warwick so perhaps
that is why our info is different. Donna Fairbanks

SWEET, Elizabeth (I2997)

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