Genealogy of the Pember and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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1 Crandall Pember Legacy The genealogy of Myron Mike Crandall contains the following main lines, Crandall, Moody, Packer, Lewis, Pember, Spaulding, Bailey, and Lamborn. This genealogy may contain mistakes. so be sure to check sources. 18,955 6,744 8,389 
2 Linder-Hood Ancestry and cousins of Ruthie Hood Crandall. My husband and I have spent many years adding sources and stories whenever possible to the genealogy. Almost all of my ancestry come from the south. The major genealogy names are: Linder, Berry, Cooper, Hood, Lamb, Morgan, McNew, and Pattison.  11,959 3,792 2,510