Genealogy of the Moody and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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Male 1561 - Bef 1656  (< 95 years)

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  • Name Stephen BACHILER 
    Born 23 Jun 1561  of Wherwell, Hampshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
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    Died Bef 31 Oct 1656 
    Buried 31 Oct 1656  Allhallows, Staining, London, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family 1 Ann,   b. Abt 1561, Flanders Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 1624, England Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 62 years) 
    Married 1587/1588  Wherwell, Hampshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
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     1. Nathaniel BACHILER,   b. 1590
     2. Deborah BATCHELDOR,   b. 1592
     3. Stephen BACHILER,   b. 1594, Wherwell, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1660  (Age 66 years)
     4. Theodate BACHILER,   b. 1596, Wherwell, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 20 Oct 1649  (Age 53 years)
     5. Samuel BATCHELDER,   b. 1597/1598, Wherwell, England Find all individuals with events at this location
     6. Ann BATCHELDER,   b. 1600/1601, Wherwell, England Find all individuals with events at this location
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    Family 2 Christian WEARE,   d. Bef 26 Mar 1627 
    Married 2 Mar 1623/2 Mar 1624  Abbotts Ann, Hampshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family 3 Helena MASON,   d. Bef 1648 
    Married 26 Mar 1627  Abbots-Ann, Eng Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family 4 Mary Magdalene BAILEY 
    Married 1647/1648  , Hampshire, , England Find all individuals with events at this location 
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  • Notes 
    • The following information was taken from a well documented website locat e d
      There is a Sanborn Family Association in which this information is taken.

      The book "Batchelder, Batcheller Genealogy", "contains many errors".
      In 1593 Puritans were thrown into prison if they did not go to the Angli c an
      Church. Bachiler was excommunicated from the Anglican Church . So
      eventually he had to leave England. He became a Liberal Puratin who beli e ved
      in Human Rights and was against the union of the church and state. Aft e r he left
      England he found the Puritans had become about as bad as the Anglicans in
      England. Therefore he was constantly getting into trouble with the autho r ities.
      He founded the town of Hampton in 1638-9 at the age of about 77 years.
      Stephen Bachiler was born in 1561 in England, buried in Allhallows, Stai n ing,
      London, England in 1656 and he did not die in Hackney in 1660, as so many
      believe. The Rev. parents are unknown. He was married four times. Al l o f Mr.
      Bachiler's children were by his first wife Ann, born about 1651 in Fland e rs,
      died before 1624 in England. She was possibly a sister of Rev. John Bate,
      Bachiler' successor at Wherwell, Hampshire. They were married in
      1587/1588 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England.
      Stephen Bachiler's children were:
      (1) Nathaniel b. 1590 Wherwell
      (2) Deborah b. 1592 Wherwell
      (3) Stephen b. 1594 Wherwell
      (4) Theodate b. 1596 Wherwell
      (5) Samuel b. 1597/8 Wherwell
      (6) Anne b. 1600/1 Wherwell
      Mr. Bachiler's second wife was Christian Weare, widow. They were marri e d at
      Abbots Ann, Hampshire, England, 2 March 1623/4. Died before 26 March 162 7 .
      His third wife was Helena Mason, widow of Rev. Thomas Mason. They were
      married 26 March 1627. She accompanied him to America.
      He married his forth wife Mary Bailey in 1648. She was at least 50 years
      younger than the Rev. Mary was the widow of Robert Beedle, a fisherman/ f armer,
      by whom she had two children -- a daughter, Elizabeth, and a son, Christ o pher.
      She later committed adultery with George Rogers. The exact date of the i r marriage
      is not known. She was sentenced by the Georgiana (York) Court to be flog g ed and
      branded with the letter "A". George Rogers also was flogged with thirty- n ine
      stripes. Mary received her flogging at the first Kittery Town Meeting s i x weeks
      after the birth of her child by George Rogers. During this time she ha d t wo
      children. One died young the other one was named Mary who later marrie d W illiam
      Richards. The Rev. asked for a divorce but the court ordered Stephen Bac h iler and
      Mary to live together as man and wife despite her infidelity. The Rev. j o urneyed
      back to England in 1654 and was buried just seventeen days after Mary w a s granted
      the divorce in 1656. In 1657, she married Thomas Turner. A book writte n i n 1910
      states that Mary Magdalene Bailey Beedle Bachiler Turner was the woman u p on
      whom Nathaniel Hawthorne patterned Hester Prynne in "The Scarlet Letter".
      Batchelder, Batcheller Genealogy
      Author: Frederick Clifton Pierce
      Call Number: CS71.B366

      Page 77-110
      1. REV. STEPHEN BACHILER, b. in England in 1561; m. (???); she d. in
      England; m. 2d, in England, Helen (???), b. 1583, d. 1642; m. 3d, abou t 1 648,
      Mary (???).
      Stephen Bachiler was born in 1560. His parentage and birthplace are as y e t
      unknown--Southern England was at that time full of Bachilers; Hampshire,
      Surrey, Sussex and Kent had distinct lines, while the Channel Islands we r e the
      home of a Bachiler family of French extraction. Probably this French fam i ly,
      migrating to Southampton and forming an important part of the French
      Protestant church there, was the ancestral line of Stephen Bachiler.
      Bachiler married twice in England; all of his children of whom we have r e cord
      were by his first wife.
      Bachiler's second wife. Helen, accompanied him to New England, dying i n 1 642.
      On March 9, 1632, Bachiler sailed for New England in the "William and Fr a ncis,"
      landing at Boston, June 5, 1632.
      In 1650, being then eighty-nine years of age, and his second wife, Hele n , being
      dead, he married his third wife, Mary; and in May was fined ten pounds f o r not
      publishing the marriage according to law, half of which fine was remitt e d in
      October." Soon after this, Mr. Bachiler left the country and returne d t o England.
      Bachiler, upon some pretended ends of his owne, hath transported himse l f into
      ould England, for many years since, and betaken himself to another wife
      In 1650 he married a woman who proves to be an adultress, leaves her, and
      petitions for a divorce. This the government refuses, and going furthe r , orders
      that they "shall lyve together as man and wife."
      Now, it must be premised, that many of the Puritans, persecuted in Engla n d,
      fied to these western shores, where they became in turn persecutors, a s i ntolerant
      as their enemies across the sea. The ministers and magistrates forme d a r eligious
      aristocracy, bigoted and domineering. Mr. Bachiler, a liberal Puritan, z e alous for
      popular rights, and possibly too independent in maintaining them, soon b e came
      odious to this persecuting power.
      His wife, Helen, died, whether before or after his removal from Hampto n i s not
      certain; and he married, probably about 1648, his third wife, Mary, a wi d ow
      (with children) who, from mercenary motives, inviegled him into the marr i age,
      in his extreme old age. But she proved to be a disreputable woman, and he
      separated from her. His old enemy, the civil power, ordered him to liv e w ith her,
      and fined him for not publishing his intention of marriage. Weary and di s heartened,
      he could endure no more; and (probably in 1655), escorted by his grandso n , Stephen
      Sanborn, returned to England. Not even yet the tongue of calumny silence d ; for his
      bad wife sued for a divorce, in 1657, in order that she might be fre e t o marry again,
      should opportunity offer, alleging that she was credibly informed "tha t h e had
      married a fourth wife in England." On no stronger testimony does this as s ertion
      rest. "The ancient Stephen Bachiler, of Hampton, New Hampshire, died at
      Hackney, and village and Parish in Middlesex, two miles from London, i n 1 660,
      in the one hundredth year of his age."

      All the known children of Rev. Stephen Bachiler married in Hampshire o r t he
      neighboring counties.

      2. i. THEODATE, b. 1596; m. Capt. Christopher Hussey; she d. Oct.
      20, 1649, at Hampton, N. H.
      3. ii. NATHANIEL, b. 1590; m. Hester Mercer.
      4. iii. DEBORAH, b. 1592; m. John Wing.
      5. iv. STEPHEN, b. 1594.
      6. v. ANN, b. 1601, m. John Sanborn. The husband of Anne Bachiler,
      bapt. 1600, was one of the Hampshire Sambornes, descend e d
      from Nicholas, son of Walter and Margaret (Drew) Sambor n e of
      Southcot in Berks, from whom also descended the Samborn e s of
      Timsbury in Somerset.
      7. vi. SAMUEL, b. 1596; was in Holland as Chaplain in 1620.