Genealogy of the Moody and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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Ohio, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
151 Huntsman, Celia Jane  1836Ohio, United States I8017
152 Huntsman, Nancy Maria  1840Ohio, United States I8023
153 Huntsman, William J  1844Ohio, United States I8025
154 HURD, Alva B  May 1838Ohio, United States I15626
155 ISBEL, Louisa  1828Ohio, United States I16918
156 ISBELL, Byron A.  1853/1873Ohio, United States I15824
157 ISBELL, Fanny A  1853/1873Ohio, United States I15825
158 JACKSON, Martha Elizabeth  Mar 1854Ohio, United States I15091
159 JACOBS, David Edwin  Abt 1872Ohio, United States I15726
160 JACOBS, William Dorson  Abt 1909Ohio, United States I15728
161 JOHNSON, Mary Ann  Feb 1844Ohio, United States I15115
162 Johnson, Zaida J  Abt 1895Ohio, United States I11658
163 Kettlewell, Abigail  21 Jul 1856Ohio, United States I8065
164 Kettlewell, Alexander  11 Mar 1860Ohio, United States I8067
165 Kettlewell, Cinderella  26 Sep 1862Ohio, United States I8068
166 Kettlewell, Harriet Jane  21 Apr 1853Ohio, United States I8064
167 Kettlewell, Jefferson Davis  29 Aug 1848Ohio, United States I8061
168 Kettlewell, John West  11 Mar 1860Ohio, United States I8066
169 Kettlewell, Joseph Thomas  19 Sep 1841Ohio, United States I8057
170 Kettlewell, Theisa J  7 Feb 1852Ohio, United States I8063
171 Kettlewell, William Henry  20 Oct 1845Ohio, United States I8059
172 King, William Casper  Jul 1857Ohio, United States I10301
173 Kinney, Ida J  1862Ohio, United States I9212
174 Kinney, Joseph  1826Ohio, United States I8018
175 Kinney, Mary A  1857Ohio, United States I9210
176 Kinney, Rachel A  1854Ohio, United States I9209
177 Kinney, Sarah Ann  1827Ohio, United States I8021
178 Kinney, William T  1860Ohio, United States I9211
179 KNAPP, Robert F.  Abt 1901Ohio, United States I15931
180 LAKE, Edward E.  Sep 1860Ohio, United States I15874
181 LAKE, Mabel  Dec 1894Ohio, United States I15876
182 Latham, Albert H  Abt 1857Ohio, United States I7958
183 Leonard, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1844Ohio, United States I10109
184 Linder, Caroline E  1851Ohio, United States I1808
185 Linder, Delavan A  Feb 1847Ohio, United States I7889
186 Linder, Eleanor  1844Ohio, United States I1806
187 Linder, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1807Ohio, United States I7833
188 Linder, Estella  20 Feb 1893Ohio, United States I10088
189 Linder, Estella "Stella"  23 Nov 1878Ohio, United States I7865
190 Linder, George L  1841Ohio, United States I1809
191 Linder, Harvey  Abt 1855Ohio, United States I2734
192 Linder, Isaac N  Abt 1843Ohio, United States I7839
193 Linder, J.E.  Abt 1846Ohio, United States I7899
194 Linder, Joseph  Abt 1848Ohio, United States I2732
195 Linder, Joseph  14 Jul 1861Ohio, United States I7884
196 Linder, Mary Ann  1835Ohio, United States I1811
197 Linder, Mary O  Abt 1838Ohio, United States I7837
198 Linder, Nancy  Abt 1851Ohio, United States I2733
199 Linder, Rezin  1853Ohio, United States I1810
200 Linder, Rufus W  Mar 1839Ohio, United States I1804

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