Genealogy of the Moody and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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Ohio, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
201 Linder, S. Alberta  27 Aug 1875Ohio, United States I7864
202 Linder, Sarah  1842Ohio, United States I1805
203 Linder, Sarah M.  Abt 1845Ohio, United States I2731
204 Linder, William R  Abt 1860Ohio, United States I7867
205 LOGAN, Hannah B "Kittie"  19 Dec 1846Ohio, United States I11481
206 LONG, Simeon J.  Abt 1851Ohio, United States I15102
207 LOVE, Sarah A  1893Ohio, United States I17362
208 Ludlow, Julia E.  Abt 1822Ohio, United States I11518
209 MARSH, Elma May  15 May 1870ohio, united states I18340
210 Masters, Sarah  Abt 1824Ohio, United States I2730
211 MAYER, Anna  Abt 1841Ohio, United States I14933
212 McFadden, Timothy  Abt 1838Ohio, United States I10238
213 MCKEON, Elizabeth  20 Jan 1855Ohio, United States I17388
214 MCMULLEN, Burton C.  Abt 1886Ohio, United States I15640
215 MENTZER, Howard A  1926Ohio, United States I18015
216 MENTZER, John F  1919Ohio, United States I18014
217 MEYERS, Maria  Abt 1838Ohio, United States I14932
218 Miller, Andrew G.  Dec 1837Ohio, United States I7846
219 MILLER, Charles E.  Apr 1866Ohio, United States I15878
220 Miller, Emaliza  1853Ohio, United States I7854
221 MILLER, Florence Alene  Sep 1891Ohio, United States I15879
222 Miller, James Linder  1839Ohio, United States I7848
223 Miller, Martha  1848Ohio, United States I7852
224 MILLER, Mina  1868Ohio, United States I18801
225 MOORE, Fred C  28 Jul 1865Ohio, United States I15927
226 MOORE, Helen B.  Jan 1896Ohio, United States I15928
227 Moorehouse, Cornelius B.  1842Ohio, United States I9095
228 Moorehouse, George Washington Jr  1836Ohio, United States I9094
229 Moorehouse, William  1849Ohio, United States I9097
230 Morehouse, John W.  1837Ohio, United States I9101
231 Morehouse, Louisa  1840Ohio, United States I9103
232 Morehouse, Lucretia  1846Ohio, United States I9104
233 Morehouse, Parker A  1844Ohio, United States I9096
234 Morehouse, Roxcenia  27 Dec 1833Ohio, United States I9100
235 MORGAN, Joseph Henry  Abt 1851Ohio, United States I17814
236 MORGAN, Orrin A.  Abt 1857Ohio, United States I17816
237 MOSER, Jacob J.  Abt 1888Ohio, United States I16013
238 MUIR, Arthur  Jan 1880Ohio, United States I15865
239 MUIR, Bertha  Abt 1877Ohio, United States I15871
240 MUIR, Stanford G.  11 Sep 1910Ohio, United States I15896
241 MUIR, Winfield S.  Abt 1885Ohio, United States I15866
242 MUSSER, Edith  Abt 1902Ohio, United States I15897
243 O'BANNON, Lawrence Leon  Abt 1868Ohio, United States I16701
244 Pasely, John F.  Abt 1882Ohio, United States I10297
245 PEMBER, Amy R.  21 Nov 1868Ohio, United States I15778
246 PEMBER, Arthur  Abt 1875Ohio, United States I15605
247 PEMBER, Blanch Chloe  5 Jan 1901Ohio, United States I15128
248 PEMBER, Carlos Robert  Abt 1899Ohio, United States I15732
249 PEMBER, Charlie T.  Abt 1867Ohio, United States I15603
250 PEMBER, Edna V  Apr 1879Ohio, United States I15610

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