Genealogy of the Moody and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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Ohio, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Damon, Ruth E  Oct 1894Ohio, United States I11110
52 Dean, Emelia "Eme" Eliza  Abt 1834Ohio, United States I7882
53 Dean, Levi  Oct 1823Ohio, United States I7874
54 Dean, Zelma Mae  Apr 1889Ohio, United States I9681
55 Devereaux, Florence L  Abt 1905Ohio, United States I11131
56 Dickey, John  28 Mar 1858Ohio, United States I11267
57 DIEHI, Mary Alice  Dec 1859Ohio, United States I17971
58 DIEHL, Maria Emily  22 Oct 1857Ohio, United States I17972
59 DIEHL, Olivia  Abt 1850Ohio, United States I17968
60 DIEHL, Sarah Ann  20 Oct 1848Ohio, United States I17974
61 Dunham, Sarah Murphey  Jan 1821Ohio, United States I4366
62 Dutton, Murden C  12 Apr 1874Ohio, United States I9242
63 Dutton, William Robert  20 Sep 1858Ohio, United States I9237
64 Egy, Rosanna  Abt 1844Ohio, United States I3076
65 EISENHOUR, Ona Rosetta  7 Nov 1859Ohio, United States I15105
66 ENDERSBY, Annie  20 Sep 1874Ohio, United States I18437
67 FARBER OR GARBER, Mary B.  Abt 1887Ohio, United States I15747
68 Ferguson, John Lafollett  22 Jul 1875Ohio, United States I10247
69 Ferguson, Mary  Dec 1830Ohio, United States I10319
70 FISH, Cora Delight  12 Sep 1862Ohio, United States I15833
71 FISH, Daniel  3 Sep 1831Ohio, United States I15832
72 FISH, Dorothy D.  17 Feb 1904Ohio, United States I15909
73 FISH, George Albion  17 Oct 1866Ohio, United States I15835
74 FISH, Louis Clayton  18 Feb 1873Ohio, United States I15837
75 FISH, Mildred  4 Sep 1899Ohio, United States I15908
76 FISH, Wayne Walter  14 Jul 1897Ohio, United States I15907
77 FISK, Charles Henry  1843Ohio, United States I14572
78 FORREST, Ella  Abt 1862Ohio, United States I14942
79 FORREST, Frank  Abt 1868Ohio, United States I14944
80 FORREST, Harold E.  Mar 1886Ohio, United States I14918
81 FORREST, James Henry  Mar 1839Ohio, United States I9613
82 FORREST, John W.  13 Oct 1856Ohio, United States I9616
83 FORREST, Lewis E.  Abt 1853Ohio, United States I9615
84 FORREST, Maggie G.  Abt 1879Ohio, United States I14921
85 FORREST, Ovid T.  Jul 1880Ohio, United States I14920
86 FORREST, Robert Adie  17 Mar 1843Ohio, United States I9612
87 FORREST, Ruby  Abt 1904Ohio, United States I14940
88 FORREST, Ruth M  18 Aug 1854Ohio, United States I9609
89 FORREST, Susan M.  Abt 1845Ohio, United States I9614
90 FORREST, Theodore  Abt 1906Ohio, United States I14941
91 FORREST, Thomas S.  14 Sep 1851Ohio, United States I9610
92 FOWLER, Amos G  Abt 1867Ohio, United States I16633
93 FOWLER, Frank  17 Apr 1870Ohio, United States I16634
94 FOWLER, Marcus Monroe  25 Oct 1858Ohio, United States I16631
95 FOWLER, Ray A  13 Jan 1895Ohio, United States I16650
96 FRANCIS, Alice  Abt 1843Ohio, United States I13979
97 FRANCIS, Fanny O  Abt 1845Ohio, United States I13981
98 FRANCIS, Hiram W  Abt 1849Ohio, United States I13982
99 FRANCIS, Sarah  Abt 1853Ohio, United States I13983
100 FRARY, Sarah  1 Jul 1847Ohio, United States I15816

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