Genealogy of the Moody and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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Ohio, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Martha J  Abt 1824Ohio, United States I9049
2 Baker, Saloma F  1816Ohio, United States I1803
3 Baker, Vera Mira  Abt 1847Ohio, United States I7994
4 Beach, Carl B  18 Feb 1900Ohio, United States I11238
5 Bollinger, Annette "Etta"  Dec 1864Ohio, United States I9680
6 Bratton, Irby Helen  Abt 1906Ohio, United States I11207
7 Bratton, James  Abt 1840Ohio, United States I10076
8 Burns, Margaret  May 1832Ohio, United States I9069
9 Carnes, Andrew G  1827Ohio, United States I10110
10 Carnes, Sarah  18 Feb 1825Ohio, United States I7857
11 Chapman, Anella "Nellie"  12 Nov 1862Ohio, United States I10310
12 Chapman, Herman  Abt 1886Ohio, United States I10293
13 Chapman, James  Abt 1822/1829Ohio, United States I10308
14 Chapman, James E.  Abt 1860Ohio, United States I10312
15 Chapman, Mary W.  Nov 1858Ohio, United States I10311
16 Chapman, Ralph  Abt 1865Ohio, United States I10313
17 Chapman, Vernon  Abt 1870Ohio, United States I10315
18 Chapman, William G.  Oct 1867Ohio, United States I10314
19 Damon, Florence May  Jul 1876Ohio, United States I11108
20 Damon, George  Apr 1860Ohio, United States I9020
21 Damon, George N  Oct 1882Ohio, United States I11107
22 Damon, Ruth E  Oct 1894Ohio, United States I11110
23 Dean, Emelia "Eme" Eliza  Abt 1834Ohio, United States I7882
24 Dean, Levi  Oct 1823Ohio, United States I7874
25 Dean, Zelma Mae  Apr 1889Ohio, United States I9681
26 Devereaux, Florence L  Abt 1905Ohio, United States I11131
27 Dickey, John  28 Mar 1858Ohio, United States I11267
28 Dunham, Sarah Murphey  Jan 1821Ohio, United States I4366
29 Dutton, Murden C  12 Apr 1874Ohio, United States I9242
30 Dutton, William Robert  20 Sep 1858Ohio, United States I9237
31 Egy, Rosanna  Abt 1844Ohio, United States I3076
32 Ferguson, John Lafollett  22 Jul 1875Ohio, United States I10247
33 Ferguson, Mary  Dec 1830Ohio, United States I10319
34 Geyer, Rebecca  18 Jan 1843Ohio, United States I1792
35 Gruber, Christian  Abt 1835Ohio, United States I10108
36 Harris, Arthur  May 1870Ohio, United States I10098
37 Harris, Bessie M.  13 Feb 1897Ohio, United States I11653
38 Harris, Harry C  May 1870Ohio, United States I10097
39 Harris, Helen  Nov 1897Ohio, United States I10099
40 Harrison, Nellie Jordan  29 Oct 1907Ohio, United States I11258
41 Hawkins, Best  Abt 1904Ohio, United States I10231
42 Hawkins, Frank  Abt 1900Ohio, United States I10229
43 Hawkins, Hiram  Abt 1872Ohio, United States I10222
44 Hawkins, Mary F.  Abt 1903Ohio, United States I10230
45 Hawkins, Robert  Abt 1906Ohio, United States I10224
46 Hayes, Bingham  Jan 1863Ohio, United States I10283
47 Hayes, Charles R  1872Ohio, United States I10290
48 Hayes, Frances Josephine  27 May 1902Ohio, United States I10266
49 Hayes, Joseph C  1869Ohio, United States I10287
50 Hayes, Melinda  1851Ohio, United States I10281

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carnes, Sarah  25 Sep 1870Ohio, United States I7857
2 Hayes, Bingham  8 Nov 1938Ohio, United States I10283
3 Hayes, Foster L  5 May 1988Ohio, United States I10270
4 Hayes, Frances Josephine  2 Feb 1931Ohio, United States I10266
5 Hayes, Ulyssis G  13 Oct 1946Ohio, United States I10285
6 Kettlewell, Theisa J  8 Sep 1852Ohio, United States I8063
7 Latham, Eunice H  7 Mar 1935Ohio, United States I9010
8 Linder, Harvey N  16 Mar 1940Ohio, United States I7859
9 Linder, Joseph Mellville  30 Nov 1946Ohio, United States I7860
10 Linder, Leslie Clyde  10 Jan 1937Ohio, United States I10090
11 Linder, William "Willie" C  29 Jun 1952Ohio, United States I7981
12 Linder, William R  Bef 1870Ohio, United States I7867


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Linder / Davidson  Abt 1892Ohio, United States F2881