Genealogy of the Moody and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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Arkansas, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Berry, Eliza  Abt 1868Arkansas, United States I208
2 Berry, James  Abt 1870Arkansas, United States I209
3 Berry, Josephine Emma  Abt 1866Arkansas, United States I207
4 Blackwood, Orville Lester  19 Jul 1899Arkansas, United States I11453
5 Clark, Fannie Helena  8 Mar 1918Arkansas, United States I65
6 Hendricks  Arkansas, United States I10951
7 Hendricks  Arkansas, United States I10952
8 Hendricks, Nora  Mar 1873Arkansas, United States I1277
9 Knowlton, Cephas  Abt 1857Arkansas, United States I11524
10 Knowlton, Cephas  1880Arkansas, United States I11521
11 Knowlton, Ivy Lucille  12 Aug 1899Arkansas, United States I11482
12 Knowlton, Minor K.  Mar 1854Arkansas, United States I11483
13 Knowlton, Pearl  Oct 1881Arkansas, United States I11522
14 Knowlton, Robert H  Abt 1878Arkansas, United States I11520
15 Linder, Alma B  28 Oct 1904Arkansas, United States I1283
16 Linder, Annie B.  May 1895Arkansas, United States I9942
17 Linder, Doyal Henry  3 Nov 1903Arkansas, United States I1281
18 Linder, Fred C.  Oct 1889Arkansas, United States I9940
19 Linder, Louis P  Mar 1899Arkansas, United States I1280
20 Linder, Margaret Itea  26 Dec 1867Arkansas, United States I202
21 Linder, Martha E  Feb 1900Arkansas, United States I98
22 Linder, Nellie E  Feb 1897Arkansas, United States I1279
23 Linder, Otha L  Dec 1893Arkansas, United States I1278
24 Linder, William "Willie" L.  Mar 1893Arkansas, United States I9941
25 Merrell, Richmond  1855Arkansas, United States I11572
26 Ore, Susie  Feb 1878Arkansas, United States I11484
27 Owen, Carrie  Feb 1884Arkansas, United States I11534
28 Owen, Cinthia  22 Jan 1887Arkansas, United States I11525
29 Owen, Jesse Columbus  11 Aug 1881Arkansas, United States I11533
30 Owen, Lilla C  1 Jan 1879Arkansas, United States I11532
31 Owen, Polly Ethel  1 Dec 1890Arkansas, United States I11537
32 Prince, Katherine "Cassie" Safrona  Abt 1886Arkansas, United States I1252
33 Ragsdale, Dora B  Dec 1874Arkansas, United States I11544
34 Ragsdale, Elbert Calvin  29 May 1885Arkansas, United States I11530
35 Ragsdale, Elijah Jefferson Richard  Abt 1859Arkansas, United States I11540
36 Scoggins, Emma Clem  3 Jul 1890Arkansas, United States I2724
37 Scoggins, Gracie C.  Nov 1895Arkansas, United States I2726
38 Scoggins, Ida May  Dec 1887Arkansas, United States I2722
39 Scoggins, Manuel "Mannie" Lay  7 Dec 1887Arkansas, United States I2723
40 Scoggins, Unibell  2 Mar 1885Arkansas, United States I2721
41 Scroggins, Athelia Thaley  1851Arkansas, United States I86
42 Stacy, Heren  1901Arkansas, United States I11456
43 Stacy, Hilda  21 Jul 1903Arkansas, United States I11450
44 Stacy, L B  1906Arkansas, United States I11457
45 Trotter, Buena V  Jun 1894Arkansas, United States I1262
46 Trotter, Maudie V  3 Jan 1892Arkansas, United States I1259
47 Trotter, Thomas D  19 Nov 1889Arkansas, United States I1261
48 Williams, Maude Ethyl  Abt 1905Arkansas, United States I2908


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gauldin, Olin Edgar  Mar 1963Arkansas, United States I11448
2 Linder, Abraham Wesley  Abt 1874Arkansas, United States I83
3 Linder, Alma B  24 Oct 1989Arkansas, United States I1283
4 Linder, Calvin  Abt 1890Arkansas, United States I88
5 Linder, Charles Henry  27 Sep 1950Arkansas, United States I195
6 Linder, William Edward  Abt 1896Arkansas, United States I92
7 Owen, Jesse Columbus  11 Aug 1936Arkansas, United States I11533
8 Ragsdale, Elijah Jefferson Richard  23 Oct 1902Arkansas, United States I11540
9 Sims, John Sterling "Bud"  4 Jun 1964Arkansas, United States I1244


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 McNew, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Isabella  1870Arkansas, United States I133
2 Mcnew, John Wesley  1870Arkansas, United States I134
3 Ragsdale, Elijah Jefferson Richard  1870Arkansas, United States I11540


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Storment / Linder  Abt 1894Arkansas, United States F80