Genealogy of the Moody and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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Kentucky, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah E.  Abt 1828Kentucky, United States I10035
2 ANGLIN, Abram F.  28 Dec 1817Kentucky, United States I16555
3 Birkhead, Jane  1784Kentucky, United States I7515
4 Birkhead, Rebecca P  1794Kentucky, United States I7516
5 CALVIN, Mary Polly  13 Jun 1812Kentucky, United States I12745
6 Carson, Christopher  Abt 1874Kentucky, United States I11379
7 Duval, Harriet W.  Abt 1801Kentucky, United States I3113
8 Edwards, Anna  1808Kentucky, United States I7533
9 Edwards, Malinda  5 Nov 1827Kentucky, United States I4365
10 FARMER, John M  1833Kentucky, United States I12756
11 FARMER, Mary  1834Kentucky, United States I12754
12 FARMER, Nancy  1834Kentucky, United States I12755
13 FARMER, William  1831Kentucky, United States I12757
14 Haydon, Charles F.  Abt 1823Kentucky, United States I10034
15 Helm, Mary  Abt 1879Kentucky, United States I10036
16 HOUSTON, Margaret D  Aug 1875Kentucky, United States I15854
17 JOHNSON, Eula  Abt 1899Kentucky, United States I15559
18 Johnson, Ida  8 Apr 1895Kentucky, United States I7666
19 Jordan, Sophia  Abt 1840Kentucky, United States I8688
20 Linder, Abraham  20 Nov 1780Kentucky, United States I1827
21 Linder, Ada Ann  1869Kentucky, United States I7628
22 Linder, Alonzo  Abt 1879Kentucky, United States I7646
23 Linder, Andrew H  1791Kentucky, United States I1829
24 Linder, Annie Mae  1903Kentucky, United States I7635
25 Linder, Calvin C  4 May 1911Kentucky, United States I7637
26 Linder, Charles R.  Abt 1907Kentucky, United States I7652
27 Linder, Curtis  Abt 1900Kentucky, United States I7650
28 Linder, Daniel  1809Kentucky, United States I1867
29 Linder, Edward J.  Abt 1872Kentucky, United States I7643
30 Linder, Georgea  Abt 1876Kentucky, United States I7644
31 Linder, Isletta  29 Jan 1814Kentucky, United States I1869
32 Linder, John Calhoun  1832/1834Kentucky, United States I7525
33 Linder, Josie F.  Aug 1884Kentucky, United States I7641
34 Linder, Lena  3 Nov 1895Kentucky, United States I10037
35 Linder, Mark A  1895Kentucky, United States I7660
36 Linder, Mary Polly  28 Mar 1812Kentucky, United States I1868
37 Linder, Mattie M.  Abt 1901Kentucky, United States I7651
38 Linder, Maude  May 1897Kentucky, United States I7634
39 Linder, Rosa A "Rose"  15 Aug 1831Kentucky, United States I7531
40 Linder, Ross A.  Mar 1877Kentucky, United States I7645
41 Linder, Thomas Oden  10 Jun 1818Kentucky, United States I7517
42 Linder, Thomas Oden  12 Feb 1892Kentucky, United States I7632
43 Linder, Usher Oden  12 Jul 1871Kentucky, United States I7629
44 Linder, Walter Wilson  1 Jan 1906Kentucky, United States I7636
45 Linder, William M  1899Kentucky, United States I7661
46 LYLES, Elizabeth R.  28 Jan 1858Kentucky, United States I15553
47 Madison, Myrtle  9 Oct 1873Kentucky, United States I7659
48 Miller, Henry M  1904Kentucky, United States I7642
49 Miller, Lou "Lula" E.  Oct 1867Kentucky, United States I7658
50 Miller, Margaret  8 Apr 1873Kentucky, United States I7631

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carr, Jessie Willie  21 Jul 1990Kentucky, United States I7665
2 Coleman, Lucy Ann  1951Kentucky, United States I10041
3 Hart, Rachel  Abt 16 Oct 1829Kentucky, United States I7514
4 Hart, Rebecca  1826/1834Kentucky, United States I7511
5 Johnson, Ida  21 Jul 1951Kentucky, United States I7666
6 Linder, Abraham  17 Nov 1866Kentucky, United States I1827
7 Linder, Andrew H  Kentucky, United States I1829
8 Linder, Calvin C  9 Mar 1957Kentucky, United States I7637
9 Linder, Mary  16 Jul 1830Kentucky, United States I455
10 Linder, Thomas Oden  18 Mar 1931Kentucky, United States I7632
11 Linder, Walter Wilson  30 Dec 1985Kentucky, United States I7636
12 Miller, Margaret  24 Aug 1959Kentucky, United States I7631
13 Nichols, Elizabeth Etta  19 Dec 1888Kentucky, United States I7621
14 PARIS, Ezekiel  1820Kentucky, United States I12301
15 PARIS, Moses  1792Kentucky, United States I12251
16 PEMBER, Charles Raymond  16 Oct 1974Kentucky, United States I12270
17 Richardson, Nancy  1840Kentucky, United States I1864
18 TRAVIS, Elizabeth Ann  1900Kentucky, United States I14502
19 Van Meter, Rebecca  1820Kentucky, United States I385
20 Woolridge, Bessie  7 Dec 1985Kentucky, United States I7667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LYLES, Elizabeth R.  1870Kentucky, United States I15553
2 PEMBER, James Lucius  1870Kentucky, United States I14503


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FARMER / CALVIN  16 Dec 1830Kentucky, United States F5185
2 Ferguson / Linder  23 Feb 1803Kentucky, United States F778
3 Linder / Birkhead  Kentucky, United States F783
4 Linder / Birkhead  3 Apr 1817Kentucky, United States F785
5 Linder / Hart  18 Nov 1809Kentucky, United States F781
6 Linder / Helm  Abt 1897Kentucky, United States F2807
7 Linder / Johnson  1915Kentucky, United States F2801
8 Linder / Lile  23 Dec 1886Kentucky, United States F2798
9 Linder / Madison  28 Jan 1894Kentucky, United States F2800
10 Linder / Miller  1890Kentucky, United States F2794
11 Linder / Miller  Abt 1890Kentucky, United States F2795
12 Linder / Woolridge  1924Kentucky, United States F2802
13 Monroe / Linder  3 Jun 1829Kentucky, United States F789
14 PEMBER / WALLACE  4 Aug 1917Kentucky, United States F5159
15 Rightsell / Linder  Kentucky, United States F803
16 Sawyer / Linder  Kentucky, United States F802