Genealogy of the Moody and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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Norwich, New London, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BINGHAM, Jeremiah L  17 Apr 1760Norwich, New London, Connecticut I12552
2 BRADFORD, Priscilla  9 Apr 1702Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13701
3 BRIGHAM  Abt 1872Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17943
4 BRIGHAM  Abt 1874Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17945
5 HASKELL, Susannah  Abt 1762Norwich, New London, Connecticut I10212
6 HYDE, Elizabeth  Aug 1660Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3544
7 HYDE, Jabez  May 1677Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9722
8 HYDE, John  1 Dec 1667Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3666
9 HYDE, Mary  21 Feb 1698Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9750
10 HYDE, Phebe  Jan 1663Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9719
11 HYDE, Sarah  Feb 1675Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9721
12 HYDE, Thomas  13 Jul 1672Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9450
13 HYDE, William  Jan 1670Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9720
14 JILLSON, George W  28 Jul 1792Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14247
15 JILLSON, Henry  30 Jun 1794Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14249
16 JILLSON, John  6 Mar 1798Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14251
17 JILLSON, Johnathan  17 Oct 1766Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14244
18 JILLSON, Richard  11 Jun 1796Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14250
19 JILLSON, Sally  10 Oct 1790Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14246
20 PIMBER, Jemina  1766Norwich, New London, Connecticut I10238
21 WATERMAN, Lydia  13 Sep 1741Norwich, New London, Connecticut I2913


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 HYDE, Elizabeth  11 Aug 1660Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3544
2 HYDE, Jabez  May 1677Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9722
3 HYDE, John  Dec 1667Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3666
4 HYDE, Mary  21 Feb 1698Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9750
5 HYDE, Phebe  Jan 1663Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9719
6 HYDE, Samuel  May 1665Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9496
7 HYDE, Sarah  May 1677Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9721
8 HYDE, Thomas  Jul 1672Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9450
9 HYDE, William  Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9720


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (FENTON) BINGHAM, Mary  4 May 1670Norwich, New London, Connecticut I10772
2 BACKUS, Hannah  25 Feb 1752Norwich, New London, Connecticut I12205
3 BACKUS, Nathaniel  16 Aug 1728Norwich, New London, Connecticut I12207
4 BACKUS, Sarah  2 Jul 1702Norwich, New London, Connecticut I12604
5 BACKUS, William Jr  1721Norwich, New London, Connecticut I12204
6 BREED, Gershom  5 Jan 1777Norwich, New London, Connecticut I7491
7 BUSHNELL, Anne  8 Jul 1745Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9806
8 FRENCH, John  28 Mar 1755Norwich, New London, Connecticut I10864
9 HAYNES, Hannah  Dec 1747Norwich, New London, Connecticut I16576
10 HUNTINGTON, Elizabeth  6 Aug 1759Norwich, New London, Connecticut I6190
11 HUNTINGTON, Jerusha  10 Nov 1733Norwich, New London, Connecticut I10269
12 HYDE, Sarah  1675Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9721
13 HYDE, Thomas  13 Apr 1782Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9175
14 JILLSON, Henry  12 Jun 1819Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14249
15 JILLSON, Lucy E  13 Feb 1821Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14254
16 JILLSON, Sally  May 1852Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14246
17 REYNOLDS, John  22 Jul 1702Norwich, New London, Connecticut I12660
18 WATERMAN, Lydia  18 Oct 1774Norwich, New London, Connecticut I2913


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BACKUS, Nathaniel  Abt 20 Aug 1728Norwich, New London, Connecticut I12207
2 HUNTINGTON, Simon Jr. Dea.  Jun 1706Norwich, New London, Connecticut I4961
3 PRATT, Elizabeth  1730Norwich, New London, Connecticut I12201
4 Winslow, Mary  Jul 1721Norwich, New London, Connecticut I6719


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BACKUS / CHARLES  Abt 1659Norwich, New London, Connecticut F5149
2 BACKUS / PRATT  11 May 1660Norwich, New London, Connecticut F4325
3 BACKUS / SPENCER  Dec 1666Norwich, New London, Connecticut F1826
4 BINGHAM / WOOD  8 Feb 1721Norwich, New London, Connecticut F4348
5 BIRCHARD / HYDE  20 Mar 1728Norwich, New London, Connecticut F4324
6 FRENCH / HYDE  21 Aug 1729Norwich, New London, Connecticut F4888
7 GRISWOLD / HYDE  21 May 1683Norwich, New London, Connecticut F4475
8 HYDE / BACKUS  Dec 1697Norwich, New London, Connecticut F4128
9 HYDE / BUSHNELL  2 Jan 1695Norwich, New London, Connecticut F4476
10 HYDE / BUSHNELL  29 Dec 1709Norwich, New London, Connecticut F4478
11 HYDE / HUNTINGTON  16 Oct 1729Norwich, New London, Connecticut F4655
12 HYDE / KINGSBURY  11 Oct 1727Norwich, New London, Connecticut F4889
13 Lathrop / Pike  20 Dec 1764Norwich, New London, Connecticut F1741
14 PEMBER / ASHLEY  Abt 1775Norwich, New London, Connecticut F215
15 WATERMAN / HACKLEY  <1729>Norwich, New London, Connecticut F1433