Genealogy of the Moody and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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Vermont, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARBER, Elizabeth E  1906Vermont, United States I17884
2 BRUCE, Emma A  1856Vermont, United States I17909
3 BUZZELL, Lucy Ann C  1815Vermont, United States I14156
4 CARLISLE, John Berton  1852Vermont, United States I14800
5 CARR, Clarence  Abt 1853Vermont, United States I17837
6 CARR, George W  1855Vermont, United States I17914
7 CHADWICK, Mary L  1862Vermont, United States I17938
8 CHANDLER, James  16 ??? 1813Vermont, United States I16813
9 CHAPLIN, Martha  Abt 1882Vermont, United States I15360
10 COLE, Jennie Marie  1875Vermont, United States I14691
11 DRAKE, Martha Patty  23 Apr 1812Vermont, United States I14618
12 FOLSOM, Edward Steadman  14 Apr 1894Vermont, United States I17895
13 GOODWIN, Alfred  1840Vermont, United States I17053
14 GOODWIN, Hannah S A  1849Vermont, United States I17056
15 GOODWIN, Harriet Jane  May 1842Vermont, United States I17054
16 GOODWIN, Major S.  1815Vermont, United States I14155
17 GREEN, Michael  Abt 1875Vermont, United States I15357
18 HUNT, William Leonard  Aug 1869Vermont, United States I17874
19 HYDE, Adeline  13 Feb 1809Vermont, United States I14588
20 HYDE, Ethel M  1889Vermont, United States I17894
21 KIDDER, James Harlow  Abt 1811Vermont, United States I14512
22 LAFLAM, Florence  Aug 1889Vermont, United States I15347
23 LAFLAM, Richard  19 Feb 1900Vermont, United States I15351
24 Moorehouse, George Washington  1804Vermont, United States I9093
25 MORRILL, Elijah Pember  Oct 1891Vermont, United States I17052
26 MORRILL, Gladys Caroline  26 Jul 1898Vermont, United States I17059
27 PEMBER, Herbert L.  1905Vermont, United States I14718
28 PEMBER, Samuel Milton  18 Jun 1883Vermont, United States I14681
29 PITMAN, Helen Louise  1912Vermont, United States I17896
30 PRESTON, Alonzo K  1844Vermont, United States I17908
31 REED, Mary  Apr 1857Vermont, United States I15326
32 REMBER, Edwin "Eddie" John  Mar 1878Vermont, United States I15327
33 REMBER, Hulda Maude  23 Mar 1864Vermont, United States I14656
34 REYNOLDS, Simeon Holmes  24 Aug 1824Vermont, United States I16758
35 RIFORD, Clarence Horace P.  Jul 1845Vermont, United States I17892
36 RIFORD, Percy Horace  30 Jan 1885Vermont, United States I17891
37 RIFORD, Ruth E  Dec 1873Vermont, United States I17898
38 RUSSELL, Francis  Abt 1843Vermont, United States I13319
39 SANDERS, Louisa H.  1832Vermont, United States I17935
40 SAUNDERS, Harriet D.  1824Vermont, United States I18192
41 SMITH, Sarah M.  Abt 1827Vermont, United States I14802
42 STEVENS, Charles W  Aug 1883Vermont, United States I14707
43 STONE, Alphonzo A  1849Vermont, United States I18197
44 STONE, George M  1872Vermont, United States I18198
45 STONE, Oliver Alson  1808Vermont, United States I18191
46 WILBER, Lucia W.  13 Dec 1853Vermont, United States I14109


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARBER, Elizabeth E  13 May 1905Vermont, United States I17884
2 BARBER, Ruth A  26 Sep 1944Vermont, United States I17883
3 BARBER DR  17 Jul 1900Vermont, United States I17881
4 CHADWICK, Lucien F  20 Feb 1898Vermont, United States I14119
5 CLAFLIN, Augusta O  22 Mar 1874Vermont, United States I14120
6 CRANDALL, Ruth  Vermont, United States I4868
7 MIXLY  16 Sep 1897Vermont, United States I17888
8 MIXLY  23 Sep 1897Vermont, United States I17887
9 MORRILL, Charles H.  14 Jun 1901Vermont, United States I14131
10 MORRILL, Ira Smith  17 Nov 1905Vermont, United States I17835
11 MORRILL, Jennie R  25 May 1892Vermont, United States I14134
12 MORRILL, Wallace John  19 Apr 1934Vermont, United States I14135
13 PEMBER, Frona Maria  6 Apr 1878Vermont, United States I14118
14 PEMBER, Lucia  5 Jul 1899Vermont, United States I14080
15 PEMBER, Susan Alice  1960Vermont, United States I15247
16 REMBER, Amos A.  28 May 1935Vermont, United States I14654
17 RHOADES, William Waldo  1932Vermont, United States I17364
18 SMITH, James  1921Vermont, United States I17906
19 STONE, George M  29 Jul 1873Vermont, United States I18198
20 STONE, Julia H.  13 Jun 1873Vermont, United States I18194
21 WALKER, Abbie Angeline  5 Aug 1887Vermont, United States I15250
22 WILBER, Elijah Pember  26 Jul 1907Vermont, United States I14107


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HUNT, John C  1841Vermont, United States I17889

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Person ID 
1 GOODWIN, William Wesley  1889Vermont, United States I14138
2 GOODWIN, William Wesley  7 Mar 1889Vermont, United States I14138


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Julia Ann  1870Vermont, United States I17911
2 BATCHELDER, George Herbert  1870Vermont, United States I17871
3 CHADWICK, Elizabeth Carmelia  1870Vermont, United States I17937
4 CHADWICK, Laura Maria  1870Vermont, United States I17936
5 CHADWICK, Lucien F  1870Vermont, United States I14119
6 CHADWICK, Mary L  1870Vermont, United States I17938
7 FISK, George A.  1870Vermont, United States I18184
8 FISK, Josephine S.  1870Vermont, United States I18183
9 FISK, Katherine Colt  1870Vermont, United States I18180
10 FISK, Mary Almira  1870Vermont, United States I18181
11 FISK, William Elisha  1870Vermont, United States I18182
12 GOODWIN, William Wesley  1870Vermont, United States I14138
13 HIDDEN, Josephine Sybil  1870Vermont, United States I14404
14 KIBBEE, Silvia  1870Vermont, United States I14079
15 MORRILL, Nellie Arabell  1870Vermont, United States I17834
16 PEMBER, Elijah  1870Vermont, United States I14047
17 PEMBER, Emma L  1870Vermont, United States I14617
18 PEMBER, George R  1870Vermont, United States I14087
19 PEMBER, Lucia  1870Vermont, United States I14080
20 PEMBER, Mary Frances  1870Vermont, United States I14769
21 PEMBER, Sophrona R  1870Vermont, United States I14085
22 PEMBER, Thomas  1870Vermont, United States I14083
23 RIFORD, Percy Horace  1935Vermont, United States I17891
24 SAUNDERS, Harriet D.  1870Vermont, United States I18192
25 SMITH, Elise Lorraine  1870Vermont, United States I14767
26 STONE, Maria E.  1870Vermont, United States I18188
27 STONE, Oliver Alson  1870Vermont, United States I18191
28 WILBER, Arabell  1870Vermont, United States I14106
29 WILBER, Carrie S.  1870Vermont, United States I14110
30 WILBER, George B  1870Vermont, United States I14111
31 WILBER, George W  1870Vermont, United States I14104
32 WILBER, Sarah Angeline  1870Vermont, United States I7863
33 WILBER, Silvia Elvira  1870Vermont, United States I14108


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARBER / MORRILL  24 Feb 1897Vermont, United States F6453
2 BATCHELDER / MORRILL  30 Nov 1892Vermont, United States F6452
3 BLACK / SPAULDING  15 Mar 1877Vermont, United States F4954
4 BLANCHARD / WILBER  13 Jan 1878Vermont, United States F5616
5 BRIGHAM / ELLIOT  21 Jun 1902Vermont, United States F5625
6 BRIGHAM / PARTRIDGE  25 Dec 1872Vermont, United States F5624
7 CURTIS / CARR  2 Jun 1890Vermont, United States F6465
8 CUTTING / FRENCH  3 May 1891Vermont, United States F3614
9 EMERY / REMBER  18 Nov 1878Vermont, United States F5802
10 FISK / STONE  23 Aug 1888Vermont, United States F6518
11 GOODWIN / RICHARDSON  22 Jan 1894Vermont, United States F6314
12 GOODWIN / WILBER  19 Oct 1872Vermont, United States F5613
13 GREEN / LAFLAM  24 Dec 1903Vermont, United States F6001
14 HUNT / MORRILL  30 Nov 1892Vermont, United States F6451
15 KENNISON / REMBER  25 Oct 1879Vermont, United States F5800
16 MILES / PRATT DANA  27 Mar 1887Vermont, United States F5833
17 MOXLEY / MORRILL  22 Apr 1896Vermont, United States F6454
18 PEMBER / COLE  1908Vermont, United States F5808
19 REMBER / CHAPLIN  3 Sep 1902Vermont, United States F5994
20 REMBER / REED  12 Aug 1874Vermont, United States F5797
21 RHOADES / PEMBER  Vermont, United States F5990
22 WHITE / LAFLAM  12 Oct 1908Vermont, United States F6002