Genealogy of the Moody and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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Ohio, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lela Lillie  4 Apr 1890Ohio, United States I15663
2 Lucy  Abt 1901Ohio, United States I15801
3 Mary C  1826Ohio, United States I17032
4 Ruie Isabelle  Jun 1875Ohio, United States I13819
5 ANDERSON, James Daryl  11 Feb 1887Ohio, United States I15900
6 ANDERSON, Laura D.  Aug 1881Ohio, United States I15902
7 ARNOLD, Sarah  18 Jan 1814Ohio, United States I16682
8 BASEY, Helen Louise  3 May 1895Ohio, United States I18802
9 BASEY, Henry William  20 Mar 1865Ohio, United States I18803
10 BAUGHMAN, Alice  1904Ohio, United States I16848
11 BAUGHMAN, Edna Leota  Jan 1899Ohio, United States I16852
12 BAUGHMAN, Edward D  Abt 1868Ohio, United States I16845
13 BAUGHMAN, Frances  Aug 1896Ohio, United States I16851
14 BAUGHMAN, Ruth  Feb 1892Ohio, United States I16847
15 BEAUPRE, Malantha Josephine  Mar 1854Ohio, United States I14915
16 BLAUSEY, Anna Marie Catherine  Jan 1852Ohio, United States I13090
17 BROUCHER, Elizabeth  1821Ohio, United States I17967
18 BUCKENMYER, Martin W  Abt 1895Ohio, United States I16989
19 CABLE, Mary Alta  11 Jul 1858Ohio, United States I16700
20 CANFIELD, Helen M.  May 1897Ohio, United States I15914
21 CANFIELD, Lucy Clark  Abt 1849Ohio, United States I14923
22 CANFIELD, Paul  Jan 1894Ohio, United States I15913
23 CARTER, Leonard  Abt 1879Ohio, United States I16923
24 CHAPMAN, Albert M.  Feb 1851Ohio, United States I17011
25 CLIFFORD, Mary J.  Jul 1858Ohio, United States I15592
26 COMBS, Carrie M  1882Ohio, United States I17987
27 CONE, Helen M  1893Ohio, United States I17206
28 COOPER, Lenora  Abt 1903Ohio, United States I15733
29 CRAWFORD, Emma H  Mar 1850Ohio, United States I16935
30 DIEHI, Mary Alice  Dec 1859Ohio, United States I17971
31 DIEHL, Maria Emily  22 Oct 1857Ohio, United States I17972
32 DIEHL, Olivia  Abt 1850Ohio, United States I17968
33 DIEHL, Sarah Ann  20 Oct 1848Ohio, United States I17974
34 EISENHOUR, Ona Rosetta  7 Nov 1859Ohio, United States I15105
35 ENDERSBY, Annie  20 Sep 1874Ohio, United States I18437
36 FARBER OR GARBER, Mary B.  Abt 1887Ohio, United States I15747
37 FISH, Cora Delight  12 Sep 1862Ohio, United States I15833
38 FISH, Daniel  3 Sep 1831Ohio, United States I15832
39 FISH, Dorothy D.  17 Feb 1904Ohio, United States I15909
40 FISH, George Albion  17 Oct 1866Ohio, United States I15835
41 FISH, Louis Clayton  18 Feb 1873Ohio, United States I15837
42 FISH, Mildred  4 Sep 1899Ohio, United States I15908
43 FISH, Wayne Walter  14 Jul 1897Ohio, United States I15907
44 FISK, Charles Henry  1843Ohio, United States I14572
45 FORREST, Ella  Abt 1862Ohio, United States I14942
46 FORREST, Frank  Abt 1868Ohio, United States I14944
47 FORREST, Harold E.  Mar 1886Ohio, United States I14918
48 FORREST, James Henry  Mar 1839Ohio, United States I9613
49 FORREST, John W.  13 Oct 1856Ohio, United States I9616
50 FORREST, Lewis E.  Abt 1853Ohio, United States I9615

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Agnes  1864Ohio, United States I10943
2 ARNOLD, Harriet  28 Oct 1904Ohio, United States I10076
3 BAUGHMAN, Ethel Marie  Apr 1991Ohio, United States I15119
4 CABLE, Mary Alta  26 Sep 1921Ohio, United States I16700
5 COOPER, Harley Ward  23 Feb 1953Ohio, United States I16868
6 DRIGGS, Carrie Belle  4 Nov 1947Ohio, United States I15658
7 FOWLER, Frank  6 Apr 1871Ohio, United States I16634
8 ISBELL, Byron A.  died youngOhio, United States I15824
9 ISBELL, Fanny A  Died YoungOhio, United States I15825
10 KNAPP, Victor Kendal  8 Sep 1948Ohio, United States I15930
11 MUIR, Alice "Allie" R.  Abt 1878Ohio, United States I15870
12 MUIR, Bertha  10 Mar 1880Ohio, United States I15871
13 NELSON, Lydia  Ohio, United States I15114
14 NORRIS, Hanna  30 May 1827Ohio, United States I5282
15 NORTON, John Christopher  24 Jul 1964Ohio, United States I15669
16 PEMBER, Catherine  Aft 1920Ohio, United States I14647
17 PEMBER, Eldon L.  23 Aug 1932Ohio, United States I15585
18 PEMBER, Freeman Abner  12 Jun 1938Ohio, United States I15613
19 PEMBER, Mortimer E.  1874/1880Ohio, United States I15213
20 PEMBER, William Frank  10 Oct 1932Ohio, United States I14646
21 RATHBUN, Leroy  1881Ohio, United States I11908
22 RIKE, Dorothey Luella  1965Ohio, United States I17357
23 STAHLER, George Hendricks  3 Nov 1945Ohio, United States I13817
24 SWARTZMAN, Paul "Paulus"  1833Ohio, United States I16916
25 SWIGART, Clarence Eugene  14 Feb 1920Ohio, United States I17981
26 SWIGART, Earl M  24 Jan 1960Ohio, United States I17999
27 THOMPSON, Caroline  Est 1945Ohio, United States I18818
28 VIALL, William Nelson  1 Aug 1964Ohio, United States I17830
29 WAGAR, Albert Robin  1877Ohio, United States I16881
30 WAGAR, Robert L J  3 May 1950Ohio, United States I16882
31 WINGET, Edwin  19 Jan 1834Ohio, United States I16296
32 WOOD, Dudley  27 Feb 1951Ohio, United States I16957
33 WOOD, Harold  1902Ohio, United States I16956
34 WOOD, Walter Allen  23 Jul 1947Ohio, United States I16958


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Nelson H  1864Ohio, United States I10938


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, James Taylor  1870Ohio, United States I15898
2 DIEHL, William H  1870Ohio, United States I17973
3 FORREST, Thomas Benson  1895Ohio, United States I14937
4 FOWLER, Amos David  1870Ohio, United States I9195
5 FOWLER, Marcus Monroe  1870Ohio, United States I16631
6 KNAPP, Victor Kendal  1870Ohio, United States I15930
7 PEMBER, George  1870Ohio, United States I10285
8 PEMBER, Jane  1870Ohio, United States I14648
9 PEMBER, Sarah  1870Ohio, United States I14649
10 PEMBER, William Frank  1870Ohio, United States I14646
11 SWIGART, Harry D  1870Ohio, United States I17980
12 SWIGART, Isaiah H  1870Ohio, United States I17979
13 WAGAR, David Albert  1870Ohio, United States I16873
14 WOOD, Frank  1870Ohio, United States I14632


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALEXANDER / PEMBER  1857/1860Ohio, United States F4697
2 CABLE / MORROW  13 Nov 1851Ohio, United States F4908
3 CUDDY / SCHWAN  30 Nov 1916Ohio, United States F6423
4 HARRY / HUBER  1895Ohio, United States F6275
5 PEMBER / FOWLER  2 May 1875Ohio, United States F4134
6 STAHLER /   1893Ohio, United States F4564
7 STAHLER / SCHAEFFER  27 Sep 1894Ohio, United States F4563
8 SWIGART / RHOADES  1894Ohio, United States F6476
9 WOOD / MCCOY  22 Jun 1915Ohio, United States F6282