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John Pember History of the Pember Family in America Stilwel T pg 264 5

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  • Title John Pember History of the Pember Family in America Stilwel T pg 264 5 
    Short Title John Pember History of the Pember Family in America Stilwel T pg 264-5 
    Source ID S190 
    Text "Stilwell T. was educated in the common and select schools near his home.
    When the Civil War broke out, he enlisted in the 21st Ohio Volunteer Infa ntry.
    He followed his regiment to the front without training and served until t he
    close of the war, four months of his service being on the firing line wit h
    Sherman on his March to the Sea.
    "After his return from the war, he had an interest in a dry goods stor e which
    he later sold out and kept a grocery.
    In Dec. 1879, Stilwell moved his family to Osborne Co.,Kansas;homestead ed
    160A.,also pre-empted 40A.,and lived in a dugout and a sod kitchen five y ears.
    Then he went to the hills,quarried rock with the help the two older boys , and
    built a three-roomed house,and plastered it with native lime.
    We milked cows,sold butter for six cents per pound,eggs for five cent s per
    After struggling along for ten years we sold out,and moved to Skiddy (n ear
    White City),where we have lived for forty-six years.
    The last ten years of Stilwell's life he had retired.Rose and her famil y have
    lived with her mother the past five years to care for her in her old age . May
    her own last years be cared for as kindly as her mother's are!"-This sket ch,
    also the one of Hiram E. was written by Mrs. Ellen V. Pember in her
    eighty-fourth year.
    Concerning herself Mrs. Pember adds "I first went to Pemberville in 186 9. I
    lived six miles from there, on the Angling Road,between Bradner and Prair ie
    Depot.I was on the look for a school, but as I had never taught, it was u p-hill
    business for a green country girl. The advanced room taught by Dr.Palmer , had
    forty pupils;but poor I had eighty-five enrolled, many much larger than I . The
    board said there were scholars enough for three rooms, but I stayed ther e three
    years.I boarded first at Hiram Pember's." (Mrs. Emma S.Smith adds to this :
    "Charles Stahler was chairman of the trustees, and the others were Uncl e Bill
    Isbell and the one man whom I cannot recall, when Aunt Ellen applied in p erson
    for the school. She was dressed in deep mourning for a young brother wh o had
    been drowned in a cistern at their home near Bradner.")
    "I have lived in Kansas fifty-six years, and this year of drouth and ex treme
    heat (1934) has been the most devastating I ever saw. Kansas had an elect ion
    Nov. 6th;our Republican governer is in again. Kansas is one of the few st ates
    that went dry,thank the good Lord! I have never met a Democrat Pember;n o doubt
    there are some,but not in this family tree." 
    Linked to Ellen Viola FOWLER