Genealogy of the Pember and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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Tree: Linder-Hood

Tree Name  Linder-Hood 
Description  Ancestry and cousins of Ruthie Hood Crandall. My husband and I have spent many years adding sources and stories whenever possible to the genealogy. Almost all of my ancestry come from the south. The major genealogy names are: Linder, Berry, Cooper, Hood, Lamb, Morgan, McNew, and Pattison.  
Individuals  11,959 
Families  3,792 
Sources  2,510 
Owner  Myron Mike Crandall 
Address  728 E Marilyn Ave 
City  Mesa 
State/Province  Arizona 
Zip/Postal Code  85204 
Country  USA 
Phone  480-980-1414 

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